Oh, Goodies!

So, I've been thinking about 52WoC. Partly because I'm thinking of our remaining tasks, and partly because I'm already preparing for our 10th - and final - 52WoC Party.

As some of you veteran 52WoCers might know, that party will cover task numbers 45 to 52. Yes - our last 8 tasks. And, all who take part in these tasks will be included in our last 52WoC Party. Currently, we're running 52WoC#46: Share Your Video! (no entries for this yet :-().

But, here's the good news: I've already started collecting some giveaways for the party! My plan is to have TEN prizes... for TEN winners. Yes, it's going to be our biggest party yet.

And as always, the more times you participate in a task, the more entries you get. Each participant can get more than one prize as well, so... more opportunities to grab some goodies.

Anyway, one of the prizes that I managed to score is a copy of "Will Write for Shoes: How to Write a Chick Lit Novel" by Cathy Yardley. Cathy, the author, actually sent me a few copies of her book to use for my various sites and projects. Actually, I managed to find out that she was donating copies of the book via her Twitter account. So, I contacted her and introduced myself. Instead of giving me just a single copy for my library, she offered 5. All I needed to do was pay for shipping. More than a fair deal, for sure. So, I decided to save a copy for 52WoCers. And, right now, I'm also giving away another copy via eWriteLife. So, do join eWriteLife's giveaway if you want another opportunity to own a copy of the book soon.

Some of the other prizes that I've managed to collect recently include: a DVD ("Hope Springs" with Colin Firth), two sets of grooming products (courtesy of Nuffnang), and a bottle of L'Oreal Day Cream (one of my favourite beauty products of the moment). So yes --- five prizes already. I'm definitely planning on collecting five more. Hmmm... I wonder what else I'd find between now and our virtual party?

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