52WoC #47: Holiday Wish List

52 Weeks of Blog CommunityYes, it has been sooo long since I posted a 52 Weeks of Blog Community task. I think what held me back is that I wanted to wait for folks to get a chance to put together videos for the 52WoC#46 task (including moi!), so that I can do a decent round-up. Then, I suddenly thought to myself: "Well, hey, silly. Why don't you just start posting the tasks - and do your round-ups later? This way, you can just let the 52WoCers get their chance to work on whatever task that they're able to do."

Duh. I wish I thought of that sooner!

So, that's right. I'm keeping our last task open and sharing a new task now. Just so we can keep going - and hope to finish 52WoC early in January 2010. Yes, nearly 2 years since I first started this project! Eeeps. But, at least, we're almost there. So, thanks so much for helping me to keep going with this thing. Without the wonderful support of Studio Notes' readers and 52WoCers, I probably would've given up ages ago.

Last year, for the holidays, we did a Fun Holiday Swap as our community task. It was great fun, and I wish I could host one again. Unfortunately, I'd be travelling soon, so I'm afraid that it's beyond my reach to organise one this year.

Anyway, for this year's holiday task, I thought I'd just encourage you all to create a "Holiday Wish List". It's up to you how you wish to do this one. Some ideas that you might consider include:

  • Create a "What I Want for Christmas" blog post (This one's a wish list for yourself)
  • Create a "What I Want for Christmas for ___________" blog post (This one's a wish list you have for someone or something else - may be a person, organisation, place, job, the Universe, etc)
  • If you don't celebrate Christmas, just do any holiday-related wish list post that you might have (it will be interesting to see a different perspective on this!)
  • Write a series of Posts/Tweets/Status Updates on Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, etc. sharing a Holiday Wish List (e.g., "30 Things I Wish for the Holidays") countdown. Try to link to 52WoC or mention it at least on your posts, so we can all try to track them accordingly. You can use #52WoC as a hash tag too!
  • Create a podcast or video blog of things that you wish for!
  • Write a "Top _____ for 2009", which might inspire other people's wish lists (similar to the "Top 10 Holiday Gifts for the Kids in 2008" post that I shared last year).

If you have any other ideas, please do share them in the comments section of this post.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what you all come up with on this one!

And yes, thanks to Nicola, for being one of the first to share a video blog post for our 52WoC#46 task. Do keep 'em coming, 52WoCers! And yes, even if you've never joined in any 52WoC task before, you're welcome to jump in any time. 'would love to have you join us. Remember: All participants of these tasks are eligible to have entries for our Big Giveaway for our final 52WoC virtual party.

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