10 Great Things for Creative Geeks (2009 Edition)

Well, Christmas has come and gone. But, the festive season doesn't feel over just yet.

I've been meaning to put up my holiday list for our 52WoC #47 task. But, since I'm away on holiday, this has been something on my To Do list that kept getting put to the side.

So now, I've tried to make some time to share this wish list of sorts for fellow creative geeky types. Some of them I've already purchased for myself. Others, I wish I could get a hold of some time!

Let's see if you agree...

iphone-3g-s.jpg1. iPhone - Ah, the ultimate item from my gadget wish list at the moment. I've been longing for one over the last couple of years. But, since I'm not really a heavy mobile phone user, I've found it difficult to justify the expense of getting one of 'em. I'm slowly caving in, though. Mostly due to some really cool-looking apps that I've been coming across. Argh.

2. Kindle (International Edition) - Now that Amazon has finally released an international version of this electronic reader, I've decided to give it more thought. It's certainly something that I'd like to have one day.

3. iPod Nano - If I'm not getting an iPhone any time soon, I definitely would like an iPod Nano with video, please.

4. Diana Deluxe Kit (or at least a Mini Diana!) - Yes, I finally have the Mini Diana. 'been playing with it over the last month during the Big Trip. I just put my first three films for developing. Not sure yet how it would go. But, this is certainly an interesting gadget to have if you ever wish to explore lomo/low-fi photography. I'll try to write a full review of the Mini and share some pics when I get the chance.

5. Fuji Cheki Instamax 55 (or 55i) - So, I got one of these cool cameras just before I left for The Big Trip of 2009. And, I'm absolutely loving it. Already 'been quite a hit with folks too. I think it's great to be able to do instant photography again. There are other instant cameras around, I know. This one made this list after weeks of research and my own experience with it.

6. Adobe CS4 Suite - I've longed to have a full CS4 suite for a while now. And, thanks to my student status, I finally managed to grab a great deal off eBay on a Student Version of Adobe CS4 Premium Collection for Mac. And, although I haven't been able to explore it fully yet, I must say that for all the times I've used it, I've fallen in love with the apps. It's absolutely fab! I can't wait to learn and use 'em more.

7. Scrivener (for Macs only) - This is the app that made me want to make the switch from PC to Mac. I finally became an avid Mac Girl almost 3 years ago. Strangely enough, I didn't purchase this software until this year. And, I'm glad I finally did. It's the app that helped me to finish my second fiction manuscript! Yes, I've completed a novel again this year, some time during NaNoWriMo. Unfortunately, I didn't meet the 50K target for NaNo. But, I still finished my first draft using Scrivener. So, yay!

8. Moleskine Journals - I love 'em. I don't use 'em often enough, I must say. But, I think all creative geeks must have at least one moleskine journal on the go at any given time. 🙂

9. Flip Video - I got my first Flip video about 2 years ago. I bought two back then, and although one has somehow conked out, I'm still using the other one. And, I still love it. I know they've upgraded the latest versions somewhat and one day, I'm hoping to get a new one.

10. Nikon D3S DSLR - If I were upgrading my beloved Nikon D40x (now 2 years old!) right now, I'd be turning to this cool-looking Nikon D3S DSLR. But, it's not the right time yet. And, even if I had some spare cash for photography-related gadgets, I'd probably be looking in to getting other types of gear. So, for now, this is just a dream.

So, which one of these things do you own already? Which ones do you wish to have too? Any other things you'd like to add to this list?

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