Five Days in Singapore

5 Days in Singapore (28/11/09 - 2/12/09)

This is a bit delayed, I know. But, I did promise to tell you stories and to share with you some pics from The Big Trip, so here I am. I plan to do a round-up/highlights post for each leg of the journey (one for Singapore, one for the UK, and one for South Africa). And then some. Maybe. 🙂

Anyway, here goes Round-up #1 from The Big Trip - Singapore Highlights:

Ever since moving to Australia, we often stop by Singapore every time we travel. We just love going there for food and shopping. And of course, catching up with friends and reminiscing the first few years of hubby and I's life together there.

On Day 1 (28/11/09): We mostly spent the day travelling. We took the Qantas - Singapore flight, direct from Adelaide. We left around mid-day and arrived at around 6:30 pm. When we got to Singapore, we went to see our friends. We often stay with them when we visit. From their house, we went to a nearby hawker centre to begin our food fest. Yummy roast duck, roast pork, steamed fish, and more. Absolutely divine.

Day 2 (29/11/09): This is the big day trip planned with our friends' family. We all went to Sentosa (with a stop over at the lovely Food Republic via Vivo City for more food fest). First, taking the monorail in and then taking the Sky Ride. That was one scary moment there! It was fun, though. Then, we went to Underwater World to enjoy the big aquarium and the seal show. Afterwards, we all went on the Luge. Now, that was great fun! After that, we went back on the monorail to the shops. Then, back home to eat dinner (with some takeaway Chicken Rice!).

Day 3 (30/11/09): It was our solo family day. We decided to go to the city to show the kids all the skyscrapers and such. We first stopped by Lau Pa Sat for more food heaven (strangely enough, we actually had some delicious Filipino food when we discovered a very popular lechon stand there). Then, we walked towards Boat Quay. When we got there, we decided to take a cruise along the Singapore River via a bumboat. The boat was nearly empty and we had a really friendly driver/captain, so we managed to take a lot of photos. The Boy was even allowed to "steer" the boat a bit. It was all great fun! Later that evening, we met our family friends and we all went to Chinatown for dinner. The Boy was eager to try some barbecued sting ray and cray fish, amongst other things. We also did a quick shop there and bought The Girl a pink cheongsam, which she loves.

Day 4 (1/12/09): Our big social day! This is the day when we met up with as many of our friends in Singapore as possible. One of my biggest highlights was meeting Hsien and Jean, two long-time online buddies both of whom I've been busting to meet for ages now. I've known Hsien for almost 6 years now, and we've even worked together in the past online. And, I've known Jean for probably 8+ years now online. We've met through our blogs many many years ago, even back when I was still living in Singapore. The story of how I know both of them is so interconnected, it's just too cool for words. Anyway, when they told me that they can come and meet me, I was really excited. It's just so amazing to meet online friends in person. I'm so so happy to have finally met these two wonderful women.

After lunch at a vegetarian Indian restaurant in the city with Hsien and Jean, we went to my husband's old workplace. There, we met up with and some of hubby's Singaporean ex-colleagues (one of them, a good friend who has recently visited us here in Adelaide; he was even part of our two weddings 10 years ago).

Then, for dinner, we met up with more of hubby's ex-colleagues/friends (this time, mostly the British expat ones). Had some more wonderful food and great catching up.

Day 5 (2/12/09): Our last day in Singapore. It was tough to choose where to go when you know you don't have a lot of time in a place. So many places we wanted to see (e.g., Singapore Zoo, Little India, etc) and so many places we still wanted to do (i.e., shop and eat!). In the end, we decided to go to Science Centre Singapore as we thought that the kids would probably love that best. And they did. They had a blast. They especially love Waterworks in there. After the Science Centre, we had a quick stop over at a shopping centre to do a bit more shopping for the kids (yes, yes, one of my biggest regrets in this trip is not having had the chance to shop much for me - heh). Then, we were off to Changi Airport. There, we met up with our family friends - P and KY, with their daughters, A and N. We had dinner and our final chats. Saying goodbye is always hard, but we're hoping that we'd get to see them again soon enough.

So, there you go. Our Singapore trip in a nutshell. Next stop: England!  

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