Today is Clean Out Your Computer Day!

So, it's Clean Out Your Computer Day today, 8th Feb. Or, so I'm told. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Before this day arrived, the folks at iolo Technologies contacted me a few months ago to tell me about their product, System Mechanic. Although my main machine is a Mac, our mixed household still has two PC machines - a 5-year-old desktop and a 4-year-old laptop. Both machines have just been sooooooo slow. It's ridiculous. I really don't use them anymore, unless I absolutely have to. They're primarily used by my hubby when he works from home, and occasionally by the kiddos when they do games and homework.

That's why when iolo's spokesperson asked me if I want to give System Mechanic a whirl, I thought, why not? Besides, I really wanted to help hubby and the kids with their home computing needs by speeding up their computer a bit.


In a nutshell, System Mechanic is an app for PC users who need to get their computers in tip-top shape. Once installed, you can let it analyse your computer and find the necessary fixes, then let it fix your machine. The general idea is that it will free up some space for your computer - and allow it to function better.

From my experience with System Mechanic, I was impressed with the quick download and installation process. All very intuitive. Of course, once installed, I needed to reboot my system. Then, I let the new app run. From the initial run, I believe it freed up at least 30MB's worth of space from our desktop PC. And, according to my husband (the desktop's main user), he said he thought the clean-up got rid of some annoying pop-ups and sped up the reboot/startup process a little bit (not much, but still...).

I don't think it's possible to get back to its "brand new state" unless we uninstall a bunch of stuff. But, I do think using the desktop PC has become a bit more bearable. And, combined with Google Chrome, internet browsing has definitely become faster in our old PC.

So, what about you? What are you planning to do today - for Clean Out Your Computer Day? When was the last time you tried to tune your computer?

Anyway, if you decide to try iolo's System Mechanic, they're running a special from today (8th Feb) until the 25th Feb. They're giving out a 50% discount during this promo period. And, if you're keen, do read their 10 Clean Out Tips for some ideas on how to clean your computer.

Full Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, but I have been provided with a review copy of the app.

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