100 Things I Love

Day 45 Outtake

One of my mini-goals this year is to complete a 100 Things List. I've been meaning to do this for AGES, and for some reason, I've never managed to do it. That's why I'm really, really keen to do one this year.

Now, in honour of Valentine and our 52WoC Task #49, I thought I'd create this 100 Things That I Love List. Since my husband, kids, our families, friends, God, and such are all MUSTS, I thought I'd make them a "given" in my Love List. And, of course, there are some "private loves" (heh!) that I might not be brave enough to share here. So, I really have a 100+ list!

Now, here we go, in no particular order (and just because I love an activity, it doesn't mean I'm any good at them!)...

  1. creative writing
  2. books / reading
  3. blogs / blogging / social networking
  4. the Internet
  5. teaching / education
  6. my Macbook
  7. chocolates! (and anything chocolate-y: doughnuts, hot choco, etc)
  8. movies
  9. cooking
  10. baking
  11. rice
  12. Asian food (special fondness for Filipino dishes, of course; but certainly have more than my fair share of Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Thai, Singaporean, Indian, Japanese, etc)
  13. travel
  14. Paris!
  15. our homes - Australia, the Philippines, England, Singapore, and South Africa
  16. fantasy / sci-fi / folklore / legends / mythology
  17. painting
  18. journals / journal writing
  19. photography
  20. the Nikon D40x
  21. my Mini Diana
  22. the Instax Mini 55
  23. Coke
  24. music that touches the soul
  25. romance
  26. crafting
  27. libraries
  28. bookstores
  29. shoes (with a boots fetish! ;-))
  30. pink, purple, blue, silver...
  31. hoop earrings
  32. five-petaled floral design
  33. mineral make-up
  34. stationery
  35. dance
  36. scrapbooks / memory books
  37. flowers
  38. dresses
  39. jeans
  40. piano, guitar, and drums (i think violins are sexy too!)
  41. Rocky Road ice cream
  42. nuts (peanuts, cashews, almonds, etc)
  43. freshly baked bread
  44. clear, star-studded skies
  45. the moon
  46. the beach!
  47. sunsets
  48. IDEAS
  49. butterflies
  50. pretty, cutesy things
  51. spicy food
  52. surprise gifts
  53. a great bargain
  54. my 3 special rings (the only jewellery that I really care about)
  55. massages and rubs!
  56. children's / YA literature
  57. hugs and kisses from people I care about
  58. meeting online buddies in person
  59. being part of something BIG
  60. dreams
  61. bookmaking
  62. snail mail (letters, cards, postcards...)
  63. packages! ๐Ÿ˜€
  64. history
  65. cool quotations
  66. velvet and silk
  67. languages
  68. a really good comedy
  69. barbecues and roasts
  70. chicken wings
  71. mindfulness
  72. positivity
  73. learning (seriously)
  74. typography
  75. naps / sleeping-in
  76. stickers and stamps
  77. pretty magazines
  78. serendipity
  79. water (yep - even for drinking!)
  80. peach iced tea
  81. English breakfast tea (especially on a cold winter's morning)
  82. gadgets - in general
  83. forgiveness
  84. genuine compliments!
  85. a gripping sports match
  86. listening to a gorgeous voice
  87. watching someone achieve something special
  88. nice lingerie that make me feel feminine
  89. a-ha moments and discoveries
  90. Classifieds (it's a weird thing!)
  91. kids, in general
  92. beautiful poetry and songs
  93. special dates and get-togethers
  94. dandelions
  95. breathtaking scenery
  96. gardens
  97. antiques
  98. creative geek living!
  99. doodling / sketching
  100. LISTS (obviously!)

Yay, yay, yay! I did it. I finally completed a 100 Things list. Woohoo.

Well, meeting goals is another thing I love. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have you created YOUR own list for things that you love yet? Share your 100 lists or your love lists with us too please.

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day to you all.



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