On Travel Writing and Tiger Tales

TIGER_DG_Adelaide_Alice-JanFeb2010.jpg When I began my freelance writing career over 15 years ago, one of the things that I've always dreamt of doing is travel writing. Well, no surprises there, really, seeing as I've always loved travel. Of course, back then, it just felt glamorous and fun.

But, when my first official travel writing gig came some 8 or 9 years ago, it was anything but glamorous and fun. I just ended up doing too much research and writing a lot of facts about places (some of them, I've never even been to!). It paid me well enough, though, so I couldn't really complain. That's just how it is when you try to write for a living.

After that gig passed, I've never really explored pitching proper travel stories to magazines or newspapers. Silly me, really. Especially since my then-editor at Elle Magazine (Singapore) seemed open enough to listen to a pitch from me.  I'm not sure if it's from pure and utter laziness --- or from the fear of doing something I'm not quite familiar with. Instead, I just became well and truly entrenched in web work. And, I fed my need to write travel pieces through blogging and contributing to places like IgoUgo (yes, I still have my stuff there).

But, other than those times - and my occasional blog posts on travel here at Studio Notes - I just let the whole Travel Writing thing pass me by.

Last year, however, I began to accept freelance writing and editing gigs again. Nothing major. Just bits and pieces of work online to start with. Later, I started thinking about finding some print work again. I miss it, you see. Getting my work published in print.

tiger-tales.jpgThankfully, I didn't have to stress too much to land my first print magazine writing job again. You see, approximately 6 or 7 months ago, the Editor of Tiger Tales (the In-Flight Magazine of Tiger Airways, by Ink Publishing) contacted me through this site (Studio Notes). He found my blog, checked my About page, and asked me if I wanted to be the Adelaide Correspondent for their Hotspots/Touchdown section.

Well, I was crazy busy at the time. But, how could I pass up the opportunity to write for print again? And, to do travel writing once more?

My first piece (image here, above) was published in their Jan-Feb 2010 Issue. I also got published in their Mar-Apr 2010 Issue. And, I've already submitted my contribution for the May-June 2010 Issue.

It's no biggie, really. But, I'm still quite happy about it.

Maybe partly because it shows that having a website/weblog DOES help you to find paid freelance writing jobs.

And, it's proof that when you want something, and you allow circumstances to provide you with opportunities, you can find what you're looking for.

And, well... that this kind of travel writing is much more fun than the last few ones I've tried.

So yeah, if you're ever aboard Tiger Airways, you might just find my name in the Adelaide section of their travel round-ups. And, even if you don't get on board Tiger Airways, but you're still curious to read some of my pieces, you can check them out at Tiger Tales' website - Adelaide.

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