Moments of Madness : April 2010 Check-In

"I would much rather have regrets about not doing what people said, than regretting not doing what my heart led me to and wondering what life had been like if I'd just been myself." ~ Brittany Renee

Soup and BreadWell, hello April! You guys are just getting here way too quickly, as always.

Anyway... How are you all? Have you been April Fooled today? Me... Well, no, I'm not pulling another online prank this year. I'm in too much of a flap at the moment!

Yes, life's been absolutely full-on the last couple of weeks. And, the last couple of days even packed in some extra punch in all sorts of ways.

In fact, things had been so crazy that I sort of lost this little 'happy place' that I've been in for a while. And, the knowledge that the next couple of months will probably continue to get crazier is even overwhelming me a bit right now. That's why I must admit that I'm finding it a challenge to blog right this very moment.

But, I've committed to a monthly check-in this year. So, I thought I better go ahead with it. Unless I'm unable to access the computer or the web for any reason, I'm going to do my best to get going here.

So, how are things on the 2010 Goals and Challenges front? Are you getting more things done on your list?

Although life's been crazy, I'm just glad that things are still on track with most of the things that I wish to work on.

I'm glad to have been able to blog about the "main features" here at Studio Notes that I mentioned in last month's check-up. Sure, I've missed some of the 'extras' that I was hoping to share, but I'm glad that I haven't gotten way too behind.

That's why the plan for this month's blogging is now:

"The Regulars":

  • 52WoC - We're on to 52WoC #51 now. Yep - our second to the last task! (DONE! - 7/4/2010)
  • Web Wednesday - Again, at least once this month.
  • Style Studio - A monthly fashion/beauty feature. (DONE! - 14/4/10)
  • The Reading Studio - March's reads. This one's going to be long this time. I've gone a bit wild during the first couple of weeks in March, so I ended up reading double my usual amount from the last two months. So, I've got 14 books to review! Yikes.
  • The Movie Studio - March's movie watching reviews. I'm really floundering with my movie watching. Yes, my absolute minimum goal is to watch at least 1 movie a month. But, in reality (in my heart), I really want 1 movie a week. After last month's experience (as well as February's), a once-a-week movie time isn't workable just yet.

Hmmm... I think that's all the regular Studio Notes features we have right now.

I'm also still planning on blogging about previous topics that I listed, but haven't had the chance to write about yet such as: The Last Decade According to Me (1999-2009), Filmmaking Update, The Mini Diana, Evolving Goals, Zumba, and Most Famous Person.

Other than those topics, some others that I've planned on blogging about recently include:

  • How to Hold a Princess Fairy Ballerina Birthday Party - also known as 'the little girl's birthday party'.
  • My Idea Management System - After sharing my favourite brain dumping apps, there was a request/question or two about how I actually use those programmes. So, I thought that maybe I'd focus on one or two of those apps one day and share my process. If you have any specific questions on this, I'd welcome them.
  • Project Updates - I've got a few ongoing projects that I'm hoping to update here, such as the novel, the latest on KIDoosh, my freelancing work, my grad studies, etc.
  • On Birthdays - Something I'm thinking of writing about... but maybe not! 😀 (DONE! - 6/4/2010)
  • Teaching Practicum Part Deux! (DONE! - 18/4/2010)- Yes, I'm about to go to my second (and heavier) professional teaching experience in a couple of weeks. I've completed a ten-day visit so I already know who my mentor teacher is and I've already been sort of working with my new students. In two weeks' time, I'd be teaching full time for six weeks. So, yeah... Yikes and a half!

Well, I'm pretty sure that I've got more. There are always blogging ideas buzzing in my brain. It's just not always easy finding the time and energy to write them all.

Anyway, that's my monthly check-in for now. Do keep me posted with your own progress!

It's a four-day Easter weekend here in Adelaide, but we've got nothing major planned. What about you?

In any case, if you're celebrating, I do wish you a very Happy Easter Season!

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