You Know You Love Your New Job When…

Day 4/365 - Girl @ Work - 08/07/2010... you complete the first two weeks of work and you're still almost as excited as you've been when you first heard the words, "We would like to offer you the job..."

... you love meeting all the new people that go with doing the job.

... you don't even mind working on Windows again (temporarily?), even if every part of your being is longing for a Mac.

... (and) you panic on Day 2, as you realise that you haven't got a clue how to turn on the silly Dell laptop because you've never seen the 'on' button placed on that part of the computer ever. And, well... wouldn't it be embarrassing to ask someone how to turn the computer on? Especially because you're working in a TECH-oriented organisation, and you're meant to be a WEB specialist!

... you jump right in to the projects with little to no hesitation - and just get going because you can't wait to get started.

... you wake up at 4am, having dreams about the projects that you're working on - on several occasions!

... you find yourself reading as much as you can about the organisation, the work that you do, and... well, just about anything regarding the whole thing... and actually have fun with it.

... you enjoy talking to - and getting to know - your new colleagues. And, you find yourself laughing about all sorts of things while on the job.

... you find yourself sharing nice morning teas with said colleagues who bring cakes to share (it just so happens that there had been 2 birthdays in 2 weeks!).

... you don't even mind the thought that the boss and your colleagues might be reading your blog, your Tweets, your FB updates... (it's always a strange thought, but... :-))

... you like learning about the different "work traditions"... and perhaps, even unwittingly finding yourself starting new ones. 😀

... you find yourself with extra 15 minutes or so before you need to catch the train, and you'd rather choose to spend the time doing more work in the office than sitting in the train.

... you are able to hum or sing while getting ready for work (even when it's freaking cold and you'd rather be in bed!).

... you try to keep up with the work energy, even when you've got a very challenging time outside of work (such as hubby going away for a week while you start your job and you have to take care of kids, home, dog, etc mostly by yourself!)

... you do work-related tasks (e.g., brainstorming, mind mapping, To Do lists, wireframing, research, etc) even out of office hours, just because you feel like it.

... you get unsolicited compliments about what you're doing on the job from brand new job-related acquaintances (whom you've never even met in person!)...

... you meet lots of new people who are also excited to tell you about their work, in jobs that they love...

... you receive your pay slip and you still can't believe how awesome it is to be getting paid for this work.

... you are thrilled when Friday comes - but Mondays don't seem too bad because you get to do more fun stuff, see more exciting things, meet more amazing people...

What about you? How do YOU know you're loving your job?

So yes, folks. I survived my first two weeks at The New Job. And, as some of you may have gathered, I am loving it.

Of course, I'm exhausted at the end of the day. The To Do lists are mounting up and all that. And yeah, I haven't had much time to blog here or to do any of my other personal projects. But, I can't complain. It's all good. I'm hoping my system will slowly acclimatize and I'll develop a better rhythm for things. We'll see...

For now, I'm peeking in here to say hello and to keep you all posted. And yes, I know I still owe you guys the final 52WoC Party and a few other things. I'm definitely planning on catching up on all that as soon as possible. For now, please bear with me.

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