If marriages are glued together by simple formulas like having "shared interests" or "common passions", mine might fall apart easily. You see, although my husband and I share a lot of values, hopes, dreams, and belief systems, our hobbies and choices of entertainment don't always mesh.

That's why, thankfully, marriages don't rely on having the same kind of DVDs to rent from Blockbuster. Well, at least not this one. 🙂

Sure, we both love travel, music, movies, food, and a few other things. Sometimes, we even get to choose the same destinations, CDs, films, and restaurants...

But, if my first instinct is to look for museums and galleries in a city that we're visiting, he has the inclination to find out if there was a famous sporting stadium or exciting game that he can watch... And, while I love fish sauce in my food, he warns me never ever to cook my Asian dishes with them.

Celebrating differences, of course, is what we're all about. Sure, the differences can both drive us insane a bit, but hey... We kinda knew that was going to happen anyway.

There are times, however, when things just click.

When I say something's amazing, and he agrees without gritting his teeth...

Or, he finds something extra cool, and I actually think he's right!

One of these moments was when hubby introduced me to this band called Scouting for Girls. They're a British band who's been making waves in the UK, apparently.

Due to a project that we're helping our son with, I ended up purchasing their first album of the same name (Scouting for Girls) on iTunes.

As I downloaded their songs, I already became amused by song titles like 'Elvis Ain't Dead' and 'I Want to be Like James Bond'.

Then, the other day, I started listening to their songs on my iPad whilst I was on the way to work on the train. And, I had to stifle a few laughs and chuckles. I think listening to them just put me in such a good, giggly mood for the rest of the day.

With songs like 'It's Not About You' and 'I Need a Holiday', I just couldn't contain my delight in this band.

The songs are clever and humorous. The tunes are catchy and fun (even with sad sounding songs like 'Sob Story'). And, I'm well and truly captivated.

When hubby picked me up that day, he was listening to the album in his car too. We started talking excitedly about the songs and the band. Sharing a laugh in-between gushing. And, by the end of the evening, our whole family was singing away.

Ah, yes. Marriages and families may not be held together by shared interests and common passions. But, it's always great to find these little bits of glue, isn't it?

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