What’s Your Favourite Sushi?

My First Proper Taste of SushiI first tried sushi in my late teens/early 20s back in Manila. I think it was a California Maki Roll - and I didn't take to it.

Silly me decided to give up on trying sushi altogether.

Then, about 2.5 years ago, I became curious again. And, with some inspiration and encouragement from my gorgeous online buddy from Canada, Nenette... plus, a few other people I know, I decided to give it a go again.

Now, I just love 'em. Crave for them on a regular basis.

So, how can I resist responding to Nenette's questions for my 10 for 10 Special:

Since I feel partly responsible for your love of sushi, I’d like to know…

(a) which one was the first ever sushi roll you tried?

(b) which sushi is your favourite?

(c) which type of sushi will you NEVER try?

Well, I think I already answered Question A.

Now, for Question B:

I'm a bit of a wimp, so I don't venture trying too many different types. So, right now, my favourite is the makizushi (rolled sushi). Some of my favourite 'fillings' include: tuna and cucumber, prawn tempura, crispy chicken / chicken / shrimp with avocado, and beef or chicken teriyaki.

On Question C:

Hmmm... It's hard to say, really. After all, I thought I'd never really like sushi.

But, for now, I still hesitate to try any type of sushi that has raw meat/fish in them. And yes, anything with eel or fish eggs.

What about YOU? Are you a sushi fan? Will you answer Nenette's answers about your sushi eating habits too?   

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