Well, it’s 2011 and…

Well, it's 2011...

... I haven't blogged here at the Studio for most of January!

In fact, I know I haven't been around here much lately. It has been more than two months since I posted an update and I've been feeling really bad about it. But, I won't bore you with the details of my absence. Let me just say --- I missed you and I miss the Studio! And, of course, in a way, I'm hoping that you've been missing me too. 🙂

So, what's new with you all? How's 2011 treating you so far?

Having been unable to write here for some time now, I've missed telling you all about...

1) The updates on my events/speaking gigs. Since it has been a while since they happened, let's just skip the specifics. But, if you're interested in checking out some of my presentations, I uploaded some slideshows over to my Slideshare account. Of course, the presentations don't tell the whole story, especially of events that I've taken part in without speaking/presenting.

2) My holiday to Manila and Kuala Lumpur. If we're Facebook/Twitter contacts, you probably would've heard all about this, as I've been doing mini updates as much as I can. Even been sharing some photos. But yeah, my family and I had a great time seeing family and friends in Manila. It was fantastic to have our first official family reunion, plus catching up with relatives and friends I haven't seen in years. Even meeting some folks for the first time. Then, spending a few days with some friends in Malaysia before heading back to Adelaide. It was all great stuff.

3) My usual end-of-year/start of the year blog posts. I'm really, really disappointed about this, as I have grown quite fond of these posts. But, I haven't had much time for reflection and planning lately, let alone blogging all about such reflections and plans. I can't promise I'll try to catch up, but I know that I will do my best to do something similar to make up for it.

4) My 2011 Word of the Year. Yeah, I guess this is partly related to #3. So, I will see what I can do about writing this up at some stage.

5) Some special/interesting/memorable events that happened recently in my life. Like my son's 7th year birthday. Or, celebrating my sixth month anniversary at my job at Connecting Up. Or, attending my first ever Drupal conference in Brisbane. Or, trying to ice skate for the first time in my life. Or, getting a new hairstyle (yes, see it for yourself in the pics above!). Or, taking part in a great social media meets fundraising event here in Adelaide (#Quiz4Qld). Or, meeting some fantastic new folks and dreaming up new things. And, witnessing a lot of great tidings coming to life.

Yes, all within just the first month of 2011! Can you tell it's already going to be a packed year?

As it stands, I'm already trying to prepare for a few more events/speaking gigs and other special moments. Like an upcoming trip to San Francisco/Santa Clara (to attend a Global Contributors' Summit for the TechSoup Global group) in February. And, a trip to Washington DC to attend the Nonprofit Technology Conference '11 (#11NTC) in March. And, taking part in staging a conference for Connecting Up (#CU11) at Melbourne in June.   

And, yes, I'm also co-organising the first ever NetSquared Adelaide meet-up that's happening in March. If you're keen in the nonprofit + technology space (or social media for social good), do come and join us.

Anyway, I hope that whatever you're up to, I wish that the beginning of 2011 has been great for you. May the rest of the year bring more joy and blessings too.

P.S.: Although I haven't been blogging much here, I'm actually writing blogs 2-3x a week elsewhere. Of course, for my work at Connecting Up. And also, as a featured blogger at the Philippine Star's Unblogged section (something I've been meaning to share here with you too!). The CUA blog is all about the nonprofit sector, whilst my Unblogged posts are all about travel and lifestyle. Hope you join me there too!

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