An Amazing Year: Part I

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Ever since I shared the news about starting a new job a little over a year ago, life became increasingly hectic. I had a lot to write about, a lot to share... And yet, this blog has probably been the quietest it has ever been (just 9 posts from January to July so far. 2 of them not even "proper" blog posts! So, so, so bad...).

Time for blogging here at Studio Notes has just taken a back seat for a number of reasons.

Every time I think about blogging, I have a dozen other things I needed to do. So, my "to blog list" just keeps on growing.

Today, however, Chris Brogan tweeted: Post something on your blog. Your audience misses you.

So, here I am. Whether you miss me or not. Truth is, I probably miss you more than you miss me.

That's why that short and simple reminder was good enough for me to try and blog something simply because I miss blogging here.

And, partly to share with you some of the things that I have been up to, and partly to remind myself some of these incredible events, I thought I'd note some highlights from the last financial year (July 2010 - June 2011)...

July 2010

  • Started my job as Manager, Online Content at Connecting Up. Loved it from the start. Still do.
  • Began my 2nd official attempt at 365.

August 2010

  • Travelled to Melbourne to attend Philanthropy Australia conference, where I met several folks in the philanthropy sector. I also met and caught up with a number of other folks during this Melbourne trip. For example, I met Nicola, Jasmin, and David Hood in person for the first time. Also caught up with my good friend Christine Gooding and Kitty Cheng.
  • Little did I know that this trip was just the beginning of many, many others...
  • Celebrated Studio Notes' 10th year anniversary. Yes, this blog is almost 11 years old now...
  • My son (age 6 then) entered his first Oliphant Science Awards. Both his entries won (1st place in Multimedia and 3rd place in Models).

September 2010

  • Watched West Side Story for the first time with my friend Christine (still from Aug/Sep Melbourne trip).
  • Attended and presented at my first AGM for Connecting Up. Interesting after party with some colleagues.
  • Joined colleagues at Connecting Up for my first ever City to Bay walk. Yes, I still remember the pain... 😉
  • Got re-introduced to social drinking... Heh.
  • Went to the Royal Show. I think this must have been my third visit.

October 2010

November 2010

  • Presented in my very first Microsoft NGO Day in Sydney. This is where I did my first "Social Media for Nonprofits" presentation. I never would've thought that this would spark off a number of presentations in different parts of the globe. Met some incredible folks from Connecting Up's local and global partnerships. (See my Slide Deck on Slideshare)
  • Also presented at my first Making Links Conference in Perth. This one is on Social Media Metrics. Also loved meeting a number of great folks from the nonprofit tech sector in Australia (ML10 Twitter list).

December 2010

  • Job has slowly morphed in to something else. Began talks of broadening my area from Online Content to overall Communications and Marketing (still including web content & community).
  • Christmas lunch with colleagues at Connecting Up. Plus some extra memories afterwards. 🙂
  • Daughter (age 3 then) went to her first ever ballet recital/concert after over 8 months of ballet lessons. So much fun to watch.
  • Family went to Manila to see mum and sis, plus the rest of the clan for a big family reunion. Our first in a very long while! My younger brother, his wife, and their two kids (my nephew and niece) from Ohio, USA went back and met my kids for the first time. My youngest brother (based in Toronto) went back too.

So, there you go. A snapshot of my amazing year from June to December 2010. Hope to complete this just so I can say I've managed to catch up on my blogging, like I was hoping to do at the beginning of this year. At least some of it. 🙂

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