An Amazing Year: Part II

Clayton Bay, Lake Alexandrina

As promised, here I am again to complete this two-part round-up of the last 12 months. I'm especially inspired to complete this after a few encouraging words from some of you. Thank you!

In any case, if you haven't read part 1 yet, check out: An Amazing Year: Part I.

Now, here goes the rest of the story... And yes, this is the part where I rack up Frequent Flier miles.

January 2011

  • Said goodbyes to family in Manila, then off to a short trip to see friends in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was the kids' first visit to KL and they had a ball.
  • Boy turned 7. Celebrated with a "crabbing with friends" birthday party at Grange.
  • Got my geek on and attended my first Drupal conference with a colleague. The event was called Drupal DownUnder, which was the very first Drupal conference in Australia. It was held in Brisbane. Just shortly after the floods. Really interesting to see some of the effects in person. A very memorable trip.
  • The words "If Only..." meant a lot more to me at this time than I expected.

February 2011

  • Crazy month for me in more ways than one.
  • First trip to San Francisco, USA. Attended TSG Summit 2011 in Silicon Valley with our org's CEO and another colleague (who became my unofficial SF guide!). Presented and facilitated a few times during the summit. Met lots of fabulous people from TechSoup Global, its partner networks around the world, and the general Nonprofit Technology community (like Beth Kanter, Holly Ross, Amy Sample Ward, Allen 'Gunner' Gunn, etc). Even briefly met Craig Newmark (of Craig's List), Annie Leonard (Story of Stuff), and Bill Strathmann (Network for Good), among many others. Completely overwhelmed and amazed. Loved it all. Including SF!
  • Upon arriving back in Adelaide, I only had enough time to unpack and repack my luggage within 24 hours, as I headed back to the Philippines. This time, to present at two Microsoft NGO days - MS NGO Day Davao and MS NGO Day Manila. Managed to catch up with mom and sis, and met lots of great folks from Microsoft Philippines and the NGO community.
  • Just about missed my husband's birthday, due to travels and work commitments.

March 2011

  • Got my first hire at work! Someone to be part of my growing li'l team.
  • Presented my social media for nonprofits presentation at another MS NGO Day. This time, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Yes, I didn't expect to return to KL so soon. But, it was great, though a bit daunting. Still, I met some amazing people and learned a lot.
  • Had a few days break from travels before heading back to the US. This time, off to Washington DC to attend the Nonprofit Technology Conference '11 (2011) by NTEN, which is probably one of the biggest conference I've ever attended. Not sure of NTC'11 (with 2000+ delegates) is bigger than BlogWorld Expo '08. My attendance was largely due to the fact that Connecting Up has sent 3 full scholars as delegates to NTC'11 (+ 2 part scholars). I also happened to facilitate a Global Nonprofits session. And, it was also a great chance for me to meet more new folks (like Nancy Schwartz, Kivi Leroux Miller, etc) and to catch up again with some of those that I met in San Francisco.
  • Introduced the latest look and format here at Studio Notes.
  • My girl turned 4 and we celebrated with a fairy party.
  • Got back in touch with a good friend whom I have been missing.

April 2011

  • Finally took a break from extremely hectic travel. Was supposed to go to Singapore for another MS NGO Day presentation, but had to decline.
  • Ended up with just a road trip or two with the family. Including visiting Mount Gambier for the first time.
  • My sister arrived in Adelaide for a 2.5-month long visit. Kids pleased to see their Tita.
  • Celebrated my 37th birthday. Sort of.
  • Got my first iPhone (an iPhone4). Finally.

May 2011

  • Watched Wicked the musical with the hubby. Loved it. Definitely became one of my faves. That evening definitely brought up a couple of nice memories.
  • Travelled to Colombo, Sri Lanka, for the very first time with our CEO. I presented at the MS NGO Day Colombo and the APAC Tech4Good Summit. Enjoyed it. Loved meeting MS and nonprofit folks from around the region. Even enjoyed a nice beach side dinner, courtesy of Microsoft crew.

June 2011

  • Biggest moment was the Connecting Up '11 conference in Melbourne, which I helped to co-organise. I also presented in a plenary of 300+ folks. My biggest speaking audience, I think. Great turn out, great feedback... Really good stuff. Met more fantastic folks. Lots of side memories that went with the event too... dinners, walks, drinks, club, dance, talks, laughs... Great times.
  • A few weeks away from completing my 2nd 365 attempt, I decided to quit. And, I told myself that I won't ever attempt it again unless I have a better way of approaching it.
  • Had to say farewell to my sis... Or, until next meeting anyway. But not before a couple of fun despidida parties. 🙂
  • Finally got my P plates off. Yes, seriously. It took me five years, but yeah... I did it. At long last. It was on my Goals list for the year, so I was so stoked to make my way to the transport office and pass my Hazard Perception Test in one go, so I can get on to a full license. Then, I went on my first long drive. In my pink car. During a short break at Clayton Bay. Part of it spent with my family. Part of it on my own. Which I adored. It was the perfect way to end my crazy hectic year since starting full time work.

So, there you go. My year from July 2010 to June 2011 in a nutshell.

Oh, and thanks to these round-ups, I was inspired to put together my first Blurb book. Just placed an order recently and I'm now awaiting the hard copy. Here's a preview, if you're keen to peek...

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