5 Things I’ve Learned This Week: When Big Moments Happen

What have you learned this week?Between the usual Monday starts, Steve Jobs quitting as Apple's CEO, Australian media maven Ita Buttrose considering to run as Sydney's Lord Mayor, and Friday after-work drinks at the pub, a lot of things have transpired for me this week. Not just itty bitty crazy stuff, but actual really huge stuff.

And today, the last thing I really want to do is to blog because I'm still trying to process everything. But, I promised to try and post as often as I can, and Friday is the only day I actually have a "blog alarm" set on my phone... So, here I am, showing up. For Friday Five. This time, to share some of the things that I've learned (or had been reiterated in my consciousness) this week*...

1. No matter how bad/rough/challenging a day or a week has been, always find a way to end it in a good way. With plenty of laughs, preferably. And good mates.

2. Being open and honest is crazy scary. Especially when such frankness may not always be what other people wish to hear. And, when you don't know how the information shared would be used. There are moments when holding back is wiser than being wide open. But, sometimes, it's better to be crazy scared in openness and honesty, than crazy miserable for keeping it all in. And, even brutal honesty can be more useful than fake politeness and game playing.

3. Although it's not always needed, having something concrete to prove what you've always known all along can be a good thing. Yes, even though it doesn't really change anything.

Oh. My. Goodness. What a day! All days like today should end up in dance & Korean BBQ dinner + funny notes & lots of hugs from special people.4. It's easier to be brave when you know you've got the support of people who really care. It just means that even if things do fall apart based on some decisions made, you know that someone else would be there to help you to pick up the pieces. And to rebuild. Just make sure that others know that you're there for them as well, so that they too, can find the strength to be brave. Or, just make sure to have contingency plans in place if s**t does happen. 😉

5. At the end of the day, if you get to keep the most important things in life, then all is not lost. It will be okay. Eventually.

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