Just because you can cook, it doesn’t mean you should go on MasterChef.

Masterchef Australia

Or why we shouldn't do some things, just because we can. And, why we must enjoy doing other things, even when we suck at them.

MasterChef Australia Season 3 concluded a few weeks ago and the hunt for new contestants for Season 4 has already started. And no, I am not applying.

The funny thing is, my 7-yr-old son is literally BEGGING me to go on MasterChef.

You see, the boy and I kinda got in to watching MasterChef at the same time. I only caught glimpses of Season 1 and never got in to it. But, halfway through Season 2, my son and I sort of found ourselves gripped by the whole MasterChef drama. With him, supporting Callum, while I was cheering Adam Liaw on. And, although he was disappointed that his favourite didn't win, he and I got hooked on the show.

When Season 3 started, we were right there, almost from the start. And, even the husband and 4-yr-old girl got in to it all too. In fact, we became such a MasterChef household that dinners started getting scored and assessed - and the kids have really taken to learning how to cook and to bake.

And, even though my son IS a tough judge (I have never received a 10/10 from him even though he'd devour what I cooked), he is convinced that I can - and should - go on MasterChef.

Cute and flattering, really. How my child has that much faith in my culinary abilities. I'm pretty sure that sort of thing won't last forever. ๐Ÿ˜‰

In any case, I had to explain to him that even though I love cooking and baking, I really only enjoy doing it for family and friends. I love going out of my way to cater for dinner parties, brunches, and barbecues. But, working in - or owning - a restaurant, cafe, or anything like that has never been a dream. The most I'd probably do with food outside of the home or social setting is to blog about them*.

People who go on MasterChef should be those that really dream of food as a career, a profession... It has to be a passion.

And I guess, I see that in most areas of life. You know... No one needs to be a vet, just because they're good with animals. Nor should anyone be a teacher or even a parent, just because they like kids.

This also made me think: We don't have to be really good at something in order to enjoy it. We can call ourselves artists and make art, even if we're no Da Vinci. We can still dance, write, or play sports - even if we suck at them. We can simply have fun doing something - and not be great at it.

Yes, sometimes, it's best not to do something just because it can be done. Other times, it's good to do something just for the heck of it.

* Hence, you can find recipes here on Studio Notes. In fact, they're probably some of my most popular blog posts. Actually, when I look at my photo streams and mini posts, I sometimes feel like I'm more of food blogger. ๐Ÿ™‚

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