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In the spirit of my 11 years blogiversary celebrations (yes, belated, I know!), I thought I'd share with you 11 of my most popular posts here at Studio Notes. I know that there were other wonderful ideas suggested by some of you, so maybe one of these days I would still get on to them. But, for now, let's do this.

Oh, and while I'm looking at my "all time" Google Analytics, I realised that my stats for this blog only goes back to 2006. So, we're missing about 5 years' worth of stats here. And, since I've deleted all my posts prior to 2004, we've lost about 4 years' worth of blog entries*.

In any case, as far as stats go, I was pleasantly surprised to see that since 2006, Studio Notes has received nearly 1,000,000 pageviews (PVs). 1 Million! I know that's not much compared to all the big blogs out there, but hey... 1 Million! 🙂

And, out of those 1M pageviews, these are the 11 most popular blog posts based on PVs -

Out of these 11 blog posts, six are food-related (four of them are recipes and the other two are more general lifestyles-related), two are on crafts/creativity, another two are on personal development/psychology, and one is on fashion.

Strangely enough, only one is social media/blogging-related from the Top 20 list: 10 Prize Ideas for Blog Contests and Giveaways (around #15). And, just one on gadgets/communications: Top 5 Presentation Apps on the iPad (around #18, and considering this is a fairly new post compared to the others, it's doing pretty well).

So, there you go. My 11 most popular blog entries so far.

*Thinking of all the blog posts that I've deleted/archived, I started wondering whether or not it might be a good idea to try and do a "blast of the past" entry here every now and then. Perhaps, share something that I've posted from years back but have removed online. We'll see how it goes...

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