Taking Away the Excuses: 3 Ways to “Just Blog It”

It's Day 2 of my 2011 NaBloPoMo / NaNoWriMo / PiBoIdMo challenge and I'm already struggling.

You see, between having to manage huge work commitments and preparing for an overseas trip and presentations, I had to rush my daughter to emergency for suspected concussion today. Then, having to rush back to the office to complete more work commitments, and getting home late and then taking kids to bed.

On any other day, those events would've been more than enough for me to remove myself from blogging plans. After all, how can I come up with anything decent to blog about amidst all the crazy stress of everyday life? By the time I face my screen, I'm way too tired to try and be remotely interesting or clever.

I'm pretty sure I can come up with more reasons NOT to blog without trying too hard.

But, I think one of the main points of "blogging for blogging's sake" is to remove all of those 'I can't blog right now because...' excuses.

And, it's no easy feat.

Sometimes, I need to "trick" my brain in to thinking about how much better I'd feel after I've blogged. How?

By making it as easy as possible to JUST BLOG IT.

Like blogging the first idea that comes to mind. No second guessing. Often, I end up with dozens of ideas on what to blog about during that time that I'm procrasting about blogging. The irony is, I probably would've finished a blog post by the time I listed and weighed all my ideas. Instead of having half a dozen or so ideas that just get added to my already huge To Blog About list. There is no "perfect blogging topic". It's just a topic that I end up either thinking of blogging... Or actually blogging!

Another Make-Sure-You-Just-Blog-It Trick: Don't worry about making it look great with images and pretty links. If there's no easy way to add an image, or add several links, don't sweat it. It's no big deal. Yes, images, links, multimedia, etc make blog posts look much better. But, it's really down to what you have to say. I mean, Seth Godin's blog posts are just short nuggets of wisdom with hardly any images, links, and such. Yet, a lot of us love going back to read his daily blog nuggets anyway. No, we can't all be Seth Godin. But, in the same vein, no one else can be us either. We own our special blog nuggets... And, if we don't blog them, they won't go out there.

And, another way I ended up making myself show up here: By telling people I will be here. In this particular time, I managed to do it through commiting to NaBloPoMo. Whether or not readers are expecting me to carry through with this commitment is irrelevant. The fact that I said I'd do it, my reason to blog has become more compelling. It's not just me, telling myself that I want to blog. It's me, making myself accountable to something and that accountability serves as a strong driving force for me to deliver the commitment.

That's why, regardless of my long list of excuses why I couldn't blog today, I still ended up here. Bleary eyed and all.

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