Big Blogging Mistake No.1: Tired Posting

After over a decade of blogging, I am reminded that it IS still possible to make mistakes. You see, I committed a huge one yesterday when I shared the post: Girls' rules for fun mini holiday breaks.

Just before I wrote the post, I was completely and utterly knackered at the end of the day. But, because I committed to blogging daily, I was adamant about doing it no matter what.

Never mind that my brain was so frazzled it could barely string two words together, let alone create a coherent blog post.

Never mind that that same brain was telling me just to share a photo and a quick line. Or perhaps, a doodle and a quote.

With how I was feeling, the last thing I needed was to attempt at being clever, funny, or interesting in writing.

But, I blogged anyway.

My commitment to daily blogging/writing may be commendable, but it wasn't the right thing to do at the time.

When I read the post I shared the next day, I was completely horrified. It was beyond just 'mediocre blogging'. It was downright incomprehensible! In fact, I couldn't even understand what I was on about.

That's why I immediately rewrote the blog post first thing in the morning.

How many people read the original post? Who knows. All I know is that I hope it wasn't too many. 😉 And, I do apologise to those who may have encountered the horrid thing.

Now, under similar circumstances, what should I do to make it better?

1. When extremely tired, don't blog at all. It's not worth posting gibberish!

2. If I still wish to blog due to a commitment, but my brain can't quite string the right words together - just post something light. Preferably, something not so text-heavy. Like a photograph, a quote, a oneliner, a doodle or sketch... Anything but full blown blog posts!

3. Blog anyway - but make sure not to share it in public just yet. Sleep on it and retroactively post the blog piece, all edited and nice.

How about you? Have you committed a similar faux pas? How did you handle it?

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