Style Studio: Geek Chic {November 2011 Edition}

Look of the Day: Geek Chic in shades of brown and black

It has been a while since I last shared one of these "Style Studio" posts, so I thought I'd share one today. Not because I'm feeling particularly stylish or fabulous. It's just that I can't think of any other blog post to share today that's simple, easy, and quick.

Besides, I have to admit: I do SO love these shoes. And, yeah, I think they rock enough to deserve a blog post, right?

Style Notes:

  • Drop earrings in antique gold - Can't remember where I bought them!
  • Black specs - No, I'm not trying to look smart. I don't usually wear specs in public. Very very rarely in photos. But, my eyes got kinda messed up on my last day in Cebu, and they haven't fully recovered yet. Until then, I need to refrain from wearing my contacts. 🙂 These are soooo old, though, that I really can't recall where they're from.
  • Beaded necklace - Diva, if memory serves me right.
  • Short-sleeved stretch shirt - Brand is called Divided. From H & M (San Francisco, USA).
  • Black, ruffled skirt - Brand is called TEMT. Can't remember where I bought it from.
  • Brown, stretch belt - This is actually part of a dress shirt I bought from Macy's in San Francisco.
  • Long, textured vest - New haul from NAVA in Manila, Philippines.
  • 3/4 sleeved Black blazer - A favourite, from HYPE.
  • Tall, brown pattern platform pumps - Another newbie from NAVA in Manila. Nearly 5-inch heels. I adore the heels especially because they're shaped so differently. Plus, the patterns and materials used give them so much texture and interest. Love, love, love 'em! Can you believe they're less than AU$30?

Where To: This was today's outfit to the office. And the bank.

Photography Notes:

  • Photos taken using iPhone camera.
  • Mostly natural light. Flash only fired for the shot of the shoes.
  • Post processing: Diptic app for the collage style. Then, Instagram with Valencia filter.

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