What’s your type?

During a conversation with a few Twitter buddies, the topic of Myers-Briggs type came up. It was an interesting chat about who has similar typology, and we even ended up starting a Myers-Briggs Type spreadsheet for Tweeps in Adelaide.

There were discussions about why people appear to be more of a certain type to others, but reported a different type. And, if it was possible for people's types to change over the years. Or, shift, depending on circumstances.

And, for those who might want to know, I've always tested as INFJ.

What about you? What type are you?

If you don't know your Myers Briggs type yet, you can try this simple online version of Jung Typology/Myers Briggs Type Indicator. However, if you want the official test, you can go here to take the Myers Briggs Type Assessment instead (you might need to pay for the results).

You can also read up about the 16 personality types here.

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