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* The day I quit Twitter was also the day I signed up on Facebook. Coincidence? Hmmm... Makes me wonder! 🙂

Officially, I've been on Twitter for over 4.5 years. Closer to 5 years, really, if you count the real first time I've signed up back in January 2007 (but quit a month later*, only to rejoin and stay for good in May 2007).

And, strangely enough, even though I've written a lot of posts about Twitter here at Studio Notes, and I've probably talked about Twitter to anyone who'd care to listen... Had a number of folks telling me that I've converted them in to using Twitter... And, yes, I actually get paid to manage Twitter accounts in my day job + people even ask me to write and speak about this social media platform in different parts of the world... I realised that I've hardly ever written a proper "How To" or "Tutorial" or any kind of in-depth thoughts on it.

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Well, until recently, that is.

You see, I've finally written Twitter 101 for Nonprofits: Basic Tips & Guidelines over at Connecting Up's Learning Centre. Something I've been meaning to do for months now, if not years. And, while writing this article, I ended up with more than a dozen Twitter articles that are now going on my "To Write List" - both here at Studio Notes and at my work's website.

This guide I've written is pretty much directed primarily at Australian nonprofits and charities. However, I imagine some of the ideas would still be useful for folks from any part of the planet. Even for those who may not be involved in nonprofits and charities.

Many of the topics that I'm writing about Twitter now is based on real life experiences on not only running my personal Twitter accounts over the last 4.5/5 years, but also accounts for freelance social media consultancy work that I used to have, as well as running social media accounts for an organisation on a full time basis.

They're also inspired by questions that I've been receiving whenever I present on social media in various events/workshops/conferences, as well as through one-on-one conversations.

Considering that I'm more of an "accidental speaker", I find it amusing that I've spoken about this topic so much more than I've written about it. This would've usually been the other way around. I guess, my initial reaction to the idea on writing about Twitter is that there's enough people who seem to be going on about the same things over and over. I didn't want to be part of the echo chamber. Besides, there are really great, intelligent folks who already share their tips and ideas on this subject. So, would my posts really matter?

However, a lot of people had made me realise that no matter how many people write about Twitter, no one else will write about it from my point of view. And, it's not that I consider my insights any more valuable than others'. It's just that some people might particularly want to hear how I do things for whatever reason. That's why, apparently, by not writing about my insights/ideas, I'm withholding my personal tips and thoughts from people who care about what I have to say about the subject. That put things in to a different perspective for me.

So, yes, I'm hoping to fix that a bit by building some written resources now that I can direct people to whenever folks ask me a question or request for some advice.

And, if YOU have questions on Twitter that you'd like me to answer, you're welcome to send them through too. You know your questions and feedback inspire me.

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