Random Things That Made My Week

Happy moments

After last week's bout with illness, the past week has been a crazy return to work and to general life.

Some of the events had been a bit way too hectic. Some a bit too dramatic. Some were sweet. Some were extra challenging. Some were spine-tingling.

Out of all these personal events, I have to say that I've got a few moments that simply kept me in a happy place for most of the week. Here are some of them...

  • When Beth Kanter alerted me to this terrific fundraising project by Charity Water called WaterForward, I was excited. The concept basically enables participants to leverage friends and contacts in our social networks (in this case, Twitter and Facebook), with the "pay it forward" concept. So, when a friend (Mike Seyfang) added me to the book, I can't help but pass on the goodwill.
  • A closing time moment. 'nuff said.
  • Finally getting to eat some real food again. After my Extremely Bland Diet week, going back to food with flavour is just great. So, ended up having a Bento Box, Char Kway Teow, Maccas, and a Sunday roast meal. Oh, and I even baked a chocolate cake!
  • My li'l girl's kindy/pre-school events. Seeing her perform at the kindy farewell party with her friends was really cute. And, when she had her farewell at her pre-school, her teachers' and friends' feedback + her report were really lovely. Okay, admittedly, this farewell scene was also a bit sad. Goodbyes are never fun. But, what they did for her on her last day was really special.
  • Reading my son's end-of-year report card, which were mostly As/Bs (equivalent, I suppose to receiving High Distinctions & Distinctions). Plus, the teacher's comments. Definitely his best report card yet.
  • Writing and blogging a bit more than I did the week before. Feeling more productive in this area always makes me feel good. Plus, I now have a few ideas that are really exciting me right now.
  • Watching a couple of movies and a handful of TV shows that I love. Like BBC's The Snow Queen, the latest episode of Merlin, James May's Edge of Space episode, BBC's The Tale of Jack Frost, and Brideshead Revisited (yep, still as part of my Matthew Goode Film Festival).
  • Getting my postgrad marks - a Distinction and a (High) Credit. I was actually a bit anxious because I know that things had been really hectic and I didn't get the chance to do much more for my Masters' studies. I kept telling myself that a Pass would be all I need. After all, juggling 2 postgrad subjects on top of a busy full time job that required a lot of travel (and with 2 young kids!) --- was just a bit much. So, even though I have to concede to having my first Credit mark in my postgrad transcript, I know I should really be more than pleased with these marks. And I am.
  • The kids' grandparents arrived from overseas for the holidays. Always good to see family.

And yeah... this may seem completely trivial to some folks, but my first ever "fan moment" on Twitter has finally arrived with this celebrity Tweet:

Tom Wisdom on Twitter

Tom Wisdom Sends Me a Tweet!

As some of you might know, even before Matthew Goode came along, there was Tom Wisdom on "the list". I believe it must've been Tom who re-awakened my inner fan girl over a couple of years ago.

So, when I heard that Tom Wisdom joined Twitter the other day, I immediately checked and followed (must've been one of the first dozen or so). Not really expecting a Tweet back. But, in less than 24 hours, he responded.

Seeing as he's my first official celebrity Tweet, he has definitely gained more points from me. <3 So, indeed, it was just the icing on top of what's already been a fabulous week!

My desk mates: Minion on Twitter bird with an Angry Bird looking on.

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