Setting Up Goals and Strategies to Increase Twitter Follows: TGTFP Part 3

The Great Twitter Follow Project

This is Part 3 of an ongoing series about a case study on increasing Twitter followers. If you missed the earlier parts and would like to read in order, check out:

In this post, I'll share all about Setting Up Goals and Strategies to Increase Twitter Follows. This will include some of the tools I plan on using.

Setting Up Goals

With the baseline data collected, it's easier to look at goals for this study as such:

  • To use at least 3 different tools and approaches to increase followers. The results of each tool/approach would then be compared.
  • To increase daily follower count from 2.05/day. There are different ways to approach a follower increase rate. For example, I were to target an increase of 5 followers a day, I'm increasing my average daily following by 143.9%. That may seem a little high, but that's only 35 followers/week. This is probable doable even with a more concerted organic approach. However, if I was working with someone who wishes to see a quick result in a matter of a short time, that approach might not work. So, I would like to see what approach is best to increase follower numbers to 100 within a week.
  • Encourage engagement with new followers. Since I do like looking at both quantitative and qualitative results of social media, I'm keen to see what kind of engagement different approaches would bring. Some engagement I intend to look at include: Tweets from new follows, ReTweets, Faves, personal Direct Messages, and other forms of communication (emails, blog comments, etc).

Strategies to Increase Twitter Follows

People approach Twitter follows in different ways. In my work accounts, some of the approaches that I used both strategically and organically to increase Twitter follows include:

  • Manually following people and organisations of interest based on searches and hash tags.
  • Engaging with new follows by saying thanks, hello, or commenting on their Tweets using @replies and/or personal direct messages.
  • Participating in TweetChats.
  • Taking part in social media friendly face-to events (eg, conferences & networking sessions).
  • Incorporating Twitter within overall communications approach (eg, adding Twitter handles to email signatures and business cards, integrating Twitter in to website, etc).
  • Providing valuable content in the Twitter stream - both original and those leading to other sources.
  • Speaking/presenting in events.
  • Writing useful content on blogs/sites.

Based on the strategies and approaches that I've put in to place using such activities, I've increased a number of Twitter follows in the work accounts that I've managed over the years. Some, by up to 1,000+% in less than a year.

However, as I've said, I haven't really used many of these deliberate approaches in my personal account. At least, not in a consistent, strategic way. And, I know that some of these approaches are worth working on further.

In any case, for the purpose of this study, I wanted to try to use at least 3 different tools/approaches that I've never used before. Meaning, none of those that I've already mentioned above. Seeing as I already know that those strategies do work one way or the other, I wish to explore other strategies that I've never tried before - whether or not I've heard of those approaches.

The 3 approaches/tools that I wish to use for this case study are:

  • Using a "Twitter Follow app" to increase followers. I know that there's a lot of controversy about using this type of approach when it comes to increase Twitter followers. I personally feel averse to it. But, I figured, if I don't know what it is and I'm already saying "no" to it (which I have been for some time), then I'm no better than those people who say "I'm never using Twitter because I think it's pointless," without ever trying and understanding Twitter in the first place. So, for this case study, I intend on test driving one of these Twitter follow applications - and seeing what's the best way to use this, should anyone ever ask me how to use it.
  • Guest posting on a blog or site to increase exposure and following. Since I run a number of sites myself and I hardly have any time to maintain most of them, I very rarely guest post. The best I do, at times, is take part in blog carnivals or blog tours. A pity, really, as I do believe in the power of guest posting. So, for this case study, I plan to use this as an approach to increase exposure and followers. At the moment, I'm thinking of targeting three (3) different blogs/sites to guest post on and I'll monitor my findings on this approach.
  • Find a new, but tested, approach to increasing Twitter followers. This is a bit vague, I know, but the idea is to approach a number of Twitter folks with over 10,000 followers and ask them for their best advice on getting Twitter followers. Based on such advice, I would like to find at least one that I've never heard of before and test it for myself, and report my findings.

Over to you

If you have any strategies and tips that I haven't mentioned here, I would love to hear about them! Perhaps, we can compile a list of ways people increase Twitter follower numbers.

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Next Step: Reporting on my findings for using a "Twitter follow app".

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