On the way to San Francisco and Ohio

In just a few hours, I would be off to the U.S. to attend and present at the Nonprofit Technology Conference in San Francisco through my work at Connecting Up, Inc.

Last year, I attended this same conference in Washington DC and was excited to witness the nptech scene on that side of the sky in person. There were around 2,000 delegates and plenty of sessions, parties, and events to attend. And lots of wonderful people to meet!

This year, other than the International Nonprofits session that I would be facilitating, I am also looking forward to attending a volunteering session with the Community Technology Network during the day of service part of the conference.

And, unlike last year when I basically just went with the flow regarding dinner plans and such, I am going there fully booked every day this time around. I'm actually surprised that I even had to decline some invites due to prior appointments. Since when did I become such a social butterfly?! 🙂

Anyway, as part of this trip, I even managed to organise a couple of extra days to hang around San Francisco to celebrate my birthday and to play tourist. Thankfully, some work friends have generously offered their time to play host.

Then, I am off to visit my brother and his family in Ohio. Having never been there before, I'm curious to know what it's like. I'm also looking forward to hanging out with my little nephew and niece. It has been over a year since I last saw them.

Now, let's see how good I can be again when it comes to blogging on the road.

Oh, and yes, here's my post about this upcoming trip at the Connecting Up blog.

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