Billy Cart Adventure for Charity Water Birthday Campaign {Video Trailer}

When I asked people to support the 38 for my 38th birthday campaign, I also promised something: All supporters who donated to the campaign get to view a never-before-seen video of me that I prefer not to release in public under normal circumstances.

Well, I figure that supporters deserve that kind of thank you at the very least. At least I get to squirm for a good cause. 🙂

To give all the wonderful birthday campaign supporters a sneak peak of what they'll see once the campaign is over, here's a special trailer I created:

And, as an update: As of this writing, we now have raised $442 in less than one month! Hooray! This means that there will be 22 people served with safe, clean water, thanks to the following people's generosity:

  • Arnold Manuel - my smart, youngest brother, based in Toronto, Canada at the moment.
  • Kari Rohl - a wonderful and supportive online friend for many years now, based in USA). I can only wish we will meet in person one day...
  • Adam Geniusz - a really cool work-related colleague based in Poland, but met in person in San Francisco last year. He's fab to hang out with!
  • Luke Williams - a nice Twitter buddy with a kind heart
  • Vangie Fuhrman - Another great online friend who's smart & techie. Based in the USA.
  • Stanley Woo - Always supportive and sweet, he's a good online buddy.
  • Aaron Manuel (and family) - My younger brother who's based in Ohio, I just managed to spend some time with him, his wife Sally, and cute kids during my recent US trip
  • Christine Gooding - One of my bestest buddies, based in New Zealand. Met online but hung out in person a few times now. She is one of my favourite people.
  • Nicola Borgfeldt - A great online friend I met through Studio Notes when she was still based in New Zealand. Met her when she moved to Melbourne a couple of years ago.
  • Daniel Mateos - One of the nicest colleagues I have at the office. Being the first and only supporter of this campaign, he gets extra points from me. Plus, we both love Game of Thrones.

So yes, thank you all for your generous support! Also wish to say thanks to all who Tweeted/RTd, Liked/Shared on Facebook, etc. Getting the word out also helps!

If you want to join this fantastic group of supporters who will get to view the rest of that video trailer, please consider supporting the 38 for my 38th birthday campaign today.

To reach the target of 38 people served, we only need $333 more. So, all donations - whatever the amount - would be welcome!

In the words of supporter, colleague, and friend Adam Geniusz, here's his reason for supporting this cause (published with permission):

I really like your b'day and fundraising combination. It is obviously well thought of and wise. Also, since it's my daughter's b'day you caught me extra responsive to such initiatives [:D]

In addition, water and sanitation is something that is absolutely essential to any other development work anywhere in the world, so it was more than natural to win me for this (besides of the daughter b'day reason [:-)] .

Thank you for that Shai and I wish all the best for your birthday (btw - i don't believe you are 38!).

Impressive and inspiring!

Support 38 for my 38th and give the gift of clean, safe water.

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