Enjoying Homemade Bread with a Bread Maker

I've been wanting a bread maker for over a decade now. You see, I once owned one when I was living in Singapore. But, due to the move to Australia, we ended up leaving the bread maker.

I have missed that bread maker ever since.

But, for some reason, I kept holding back when it came to buying a new one.

Brand new bread maker! Finally caved in and bought one. Put in ingredients for a fresh loaf of French Bread on preset mode. Hoping to eat it for breakky tomorrow, while watching the Olympics. :)A couple of days ago, however, I finally gave in and bought a brand new bread maker during a sale at Target. It's a Breville and it's called the Baker's Oven. It has 23 automatic programs, three different types of crusts, and a 13-hour pre-set timer.

I particularly liked the idea of the timer because I thought it would be great to put the ingredients together the night before and wake up to the nice smells of freshly made bread. And, have that yummy loaf from breakfast.

For my first try with the bread maker, I did just that and put together the mixture for a French Loaf, to be ready by the time the family wakes up early on a Saturday morning, to watch the opening ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics. I simply used the recipe found in the manual.

At around 3am, hubby and I woke up with a startle when we heard loud banging. Took us a few seconds to realise it was the bread maker, but I didn't quite understand why it was making that much noise. Too sleepy and tired to get up, I decided to leave it. Bad move!

When I checked it at 6:30am, I realised my mistake: I did not lodge the bread pan properly. Therefore, the bread didn't get mixed and baked properly. The first loaf was edible, but a bit too dense.

In fact, it was so dense, you could have killed someone with it if you threw it at someone when it was no longer fresh. Yes, it felt like the bread literally turned into a rock. Ergh.

Today, I decided to give this fresh bread recipe a go for a second attempt. I followed it to the letter using the basic setting on the breadmaker and this is the result:

Yummy, fluffy, delicious homemade bread.

I am hoping to keep trying other recipes to find the best one. Then, I plan to experiment with making different types of bread. Like banana nut bread, cheese bread, or corn bread. If you know of wonderful homemade bread recipes, I would love to get your recommendations, so please leave a comment below with your tips.

The plan is also to use the breadmaker as a way to make pizza dough and other types of bread dough.

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