Big Blogging Mistake No.3: Overthinking

Everyday, I compose a new blog post in my mind - just before I get up from bed, in the shower, while I'm cooking, when I'm waiting in a queue, just before I go to sleep... The words form nicely. The ideas flow well.

20120803-233317.jpgBut, before I know it, a day... A few days... A week... A couple of weeks... They pass by without a new blog post. Yes, even when I really want to update ideally 2-3x a week in all my main blogs.

I add a new topic or title in my "Things to Blog About" list. Yet, that list grows a lot quicker than my blog archives.

I know some days, I don't blog because I avoid posting when I'm too tired or when I'm overly emotional. But, those days are probably rare.

My real big blogging enemy: Overthinking.

You see, when I overthink: The "perfect words" in my head seem to start becoming so imperfect when I start writing them down. The great ideas that I wish to share with readers and visitors suddenly appear lame and inconsequential. I judge my output long before I allow anyone to take a look.

And, I continue to grapple with that "complete content habit". You know what they say about old habits.

But, the problem with overthinking ideas instead of trusting my instinct and just blogging them is that many times, I lose the moment. Like that kiss that never happened between the characters played by Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney in the movie "My Best Friend's Wedding".


Boat ride: Blog inspiration
Bridge: Moment
Extended gaze, shadow passes: Overthinking

Moment gone.

Thankfully, blogging is a bit more forgiving than a "passed by moment" between (fictitious) people.

I can always go back to my To Blog list and just go with it. Trust that if I liked the idea well enough to blog about it, someone else might be interested enough to read it. To make sense out of it. Even just one person. Even if that person is just me.

Image source: Unknown. And yes, that graph doesn't make perfect sense. It doesn't matter. It's funny anyway.

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