Making Homemade Ice Cream

I'm a gadget girl. I love all types of gadgets and kitchen gadgets are no exception.

My Mistral Igloo ice cream maker. Made two batches of fab homemade ice cream. :)That's why shortly after purchasing my brand new breadmaker, I have decided to take the plunge and buy another kitchen gadget that has been on my wish list for the longest time: an ice cream maker.

Yes, I know it's still the middle of winter right now, so ice cream isn't the typical dessert of choice. But, our family loves ice cream all year round, so I know I won't have any problems getting any takers when I start practicing my ice cream making skills.

Anyway, I ended up buying a small, inexpensive Mistral Igloo Ice Cream Maker (AU$ 30) from my local Woolworths store.

My first attempt was a homemade strawberry ice cream based on this recipe. It's meant to taste like Ben and Jerry's strawberry ice cream. And, well, the flavour was definitely fantastic. The initial consistency, however, was way too soft initially. So I ended up leaving the ice cream in the freezer overnight. It was better the next day, but had that "icy" edge. Also, the recipe made too much ice cream so I had to create this in two batches.


Regardless, my first attempt at making homemade ice cream was declared a success.

My second attempt was an Avocado and Coconut ice cream. When my hubby heard about this, he was a bit skeptical. He never had this type of ice cream before so he wasn't that enthusiastic about it.

Dessert No.2: Homemade Avocado & Coconut Ice Cream

As a child, I have always loved avocado ice cream. I remember buying them from the street sellers. I even make my own version of it by mashing the avocado with milk and sugar, then adding ice and eating it as such.

Still, I didn't know if the husband and the rest of the family would be keen because it's not a flavour that they're used to. That's why I decided to halve the recipe so I don't end up with too much ice cream.

Bad move.

As soon as the hubby tasted it, he was converted. Never thought he would ever like this flavour, but instantly enjoyed it. Even the kids enjoyed it. So, my small batch of homemade avocado and coconut ice cream didn't last very long.

Yeah, I'm definitely making the full batch next time.

Next flavours on the wish list: Cheese ice cream (another one that the hubby isn't sure about), mango ice cream (something that might need to wait until later in the summer when mangoes are in season), salted caramel ice cream, pistachio ice cream, honey and macadamia, and...

Well, I think you get the picture. I have a lot of plans with this ice cream maker. And, I can't wait to experiment some more.

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