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It has been on my 'wish list' for a while now: Learning to make content more visual.

I have been doing different things to help me to improve my skills in this area. Including signing up for a Visual Sketchnotes course some time last year, and practicing my sketchnote skills during a live event.

Admittedly, I haven't done much since. I play around with it every now and then. I make sketchnotes for private use. But, I know I have really wanted to do a bit more.

Well, after months and months of not doing much, I ended up doing my fair share today when I created these two images:

Visual Content Creation

The first one is my very first attempt at creating an infographic: Rich Philanthropy: The Giving List 2012. This was partly inspired by the work that I am doing with Microsoft Citizenship Asia Pacific. One of the team members there forwarded the giving list article to me and I thought that it was the best time for me to practice making infographics. Something I have been meaning to do for a while now.

It's not a polished infographic, I know. But, I am still quite pleased with the end result. Now, I am on the hunt for more data that I can use to make other infographics.

The second one is my attempt at explaining a workflow using a flowchart. In this case, it's my version of a Content Workflow.

In this visual content, the idea and the graphic are not so polished either. But, I like how it helped me to think things through. And yes, I love learning a new tool and knowing another way to present information.

If you're also interested in visual content, you might like to check out my Visual Content Inspiration board at Pinterest. It's where I bookmark tips, ideas and inspiration on the concept of visual content - from making the most of Instagram to learning how to create your own Infographic.

Do let me know if you have recommendations in this area too!

Now if you want to know why I am really keen to learn more and more about visualising content, here's an infographic that explains a bit of my interest (and yes, this doesn't include my lifelong love for visuals!) ---

Source: scoop.it via Shai on Pinterest

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