Big Blogging Mistake No. 4: Inconsistency

Big Blogging Mistakes: Mistake No. 4 - Inconsistency

If I can pinpoint one of my biggest mistakes as a blogger, it is going to be this problem with inconsistency.

Oh, don't get me wrong. When it comes to professional blogging (as in, when I am officially hired as a blogger/content person), I am able to keep a content calendar and a working schedule. Even if that simply means: "Must update the blog 2 to 3x week, roughly on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday."

Even if a blogger's content schedule is setting that kind of guideline, that sort of structure still helps. I know that professionally, it's impossible to survive without that kind of consistency in one's blogging schedule.

But, somehow, I keep missing the boat on consistency when it comes to blogging for this blog - ShaiCoggins.com.

I mean, sure, I have managed to complete two rounds of NaBloPoMo where I managed to blog daily for a full month in 2008 and 2011, thanks to working on some kind of a blogging content calendar.

But, the blogging habit has stopped coming naturally to me ever since I started making a living out of blogs (ie, back in 2004).

Maybe it had something to do with the struggle that I started to face regarding personal/professional boundaries online, having started off as a personal blogger (and staying that way for 5+ years) before turning pro.

Or perhaps, I just got so burnt out creating content on a professional level, that I didn't have the energy to do that on a personal level too. Choosing to spend my personal time doing something else, other than blogging.

Regardless of the reason, I know I paid (and still paying) for my inconsistent blogging here.

The problem with inconsistent blogging

There are many reasons why inconsistent blogging is a big issue for bloggers. One is discipline. If we don't make it as part of our habit, it's way too easy to make excuses NOT to do it. That's when overthinking can happen, among other things.

Any kind of writing, blogging included, needs some level of consistency and discipline in order to embed it in our system.

In fact, what I find is that the more I blog, the easier it is for me to blog again. And again. And, the longer I have been absent from this blog, the more I find it difficult to get started again.

Then, there is that issue of momentum. When readers and visitors aren't sure when to expect stuff, or if they can expect stuff from your blog at all... Then, they might lose interest. They might stop commenting. Or worse, they might stop visiting altogether.

Always sad to lose readers just because your blogging has been inconsistent. I know it saddens me to think about how many readers have given up on this blog during the weeks and months when I barely posted anything.

Another issue arising from inconsistent blogging is growth. And, I don't mean just the numbers game, though that certainly can play a part.

If you wish to be serious about blogging, and you wish to grow your blog and yourself as a blogger, then it's important to be more consistent. Otherwise, it's harder to develop skills in blogging better. And yes, the blog statistics will reflect that.

And no, blogging consistency doesn't mean doing things more. More blog posts don't always equal a better blog. We've all heard that "quality vs quantity" thing.

But, there certainly has to be some kind of rhythm in blogging to make the magic happen.

How to be a more consistent blogger

Two words: Not. Easy.

Especially when blogging isn't your day job. Or when you do blog for work and you wish to maintain a different blog for yourself or your other projects. And, when you have a million things on your To Do list and blogging just keeps getting pushed off to another day.

In my case, I have decided to work on rough schedules for my most active blogs (ie, this one + my work site, Vervely). Basically, I am looking at updating a minimum of 2-3x a week here at ShaiCoggins.com (Wed, Fri, Sun), and a minimum of 1-2x is my target over at Vervely (Tue, Thu). For my less active sites, I am hoping to update 1-2x/month. I have committed to my active sites' schedule by adding this in to my day-to-day working calendar. I have also developed some kind of "theme" to try and follow on the days that I am posting.

Sure, I probably won't meet these targets 100%. But, if I meet at least 70-80% of my targets, then I would have still created much more blog content than I have ever done in a very long time. Just thinking about that makes me feel good.

So yes, if you're a long-time subscriber to this blog, this is the reason I am blogging more lately. I am attempting to be more consistent. And yes, so far, I am loving it. I hope you're enjoying it too! 🙂

Apart from creating some kind of guideline or schedule for this blog (again), I am also facing blogging inconsistency with an altogether different mindset. I have finally gotten around to presenting this blog in such a way that inspires me to blog more.

I'm not sure if I can articulate the reasons, but the latest redesign of this blog helped me to think of my approach to this blog in a different way. In fact, I have started working on my strategy here at ShaiCoggins.com in such a way that I have never done in the past (makes you wonder why I waited this long! ;-)). Definitely looking at this blog less of a personal one, but more professional (but still staying personal, if that makes sense).

How do you deal with inconsistent blogging?

Are you a blogger who also suffers from blog inconsistency? How does this affect you and how do you deal with it?

If you are a consistent blogger, do share some of your tips here too.

And yes, if you are happy just to blog any time you wish, no worries. As long as it is making you happy and it's fulfilling your goals in personal blogging, then you're all set. However, if you do want to grow your blog and/or to do more with blogging, then consistency is definitely one of the key things to keep in mind.

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Shai has been managing and blogging here at ShaiCoggins.com for 17 years. Here, she writes about creativity, productivity, and how to recharge for a better, happier lifestyle. She is the author of Today: Life Journal, Colour Bliss: Kaleidoscopes, and a little known children's book. A serial entrepreneur, Shai also currently runs Vervely.com, a boutique digital media agency offering online content, community, and conversion marketing services. Her blogging experience and digital work have been featured in various media, including being listed in Fast Company's "Most Influential Women in Technology" list. Originally from Manila, Shai lived in Singapore and the USA before moving to Australia with her British husband. They have two children, a pet bunny, and a rambunctious rescue Labrador.

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