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Shower Notes - Ideas

They say that the best ideas don't always come when and where you want them to come. They happen to pop up when one is exercising, playing, or in the middle of sleeping.

In most situations, I have pen and paper (or nowadays, my mobile and tablet devices), to write down those fleeting thoughts. Yes, I am very rarely without a recording device at hand.

In fact, I have been known to fumble in the dark, grabbing whatever device I can find at my bedside, to record my in-the-middle-of-REM-sleep ideas. There are days when I look at my handwritten-in-the-dark scribblings, though, when I had to wonder what on earth was I on about.

But, I must admit: Those moments are considerably less common, especially when compared to moments when I get ideas during times when a device isn't easily as accessible. Say, in the shower, for example. Seriously.

Just recently, I had several ideas for this blog that I got really excited about. I told myself I should immediately take note of those ideas as soon as I sit at my desk.

Of course, all ideas seem to fly the minute I hung my towel back on the towel rail.

Now, I can't remember most of them. And, the one idea that managed to linger is the one that I am not 100% sure about writing*.

And yes, this is definitely not an isolated situation. It drives me nuts sometimes.

For some reason, a lot of ideas seem to happen when it's not so easy to capture them. Must be something in our psyche that relaxes when we are without a recording device.

What about you? When and where do you usually get your ideas? How do you try to remember them?

* In case you're interested, that one has something to do with professional and personal branding, using the "As Seen In" approach.

P.S. - I was alerted that my blog may not be showing up properly on some browsers. Apparently, the theme seems to get stripped off. Anyone else experiencing the same thing? If you are, would appreciate it if you can leave me a comment with your OS (operating system) and browser information. I'm hoping to troubleshoot this soon.

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