On the EDB2012 Experience + Notes on Building Blog Communities

Eat Drink Blog Food Bloggers Conference 2012 Food + Blogging = <3[/caption] What a weekend! After two packed days, Eat Drink Blog 2012 is now over. Though a few of us are probably still thinking and talking about the fantastic event.

I have blogged about Day 1 of Eat Drink Blog 2012 but instead of blogging about Day 2, I thought I'd capture the event through a Storify story instead. It's probably the best way, as I can always add more stuff to it if I find anything else worth sharing/recording.

Needless to say, I had a brilliant time. I met a lot of new blogging friends from all over Australia. Learned more about food. Became inspired by how other bloggers are conquering the world in media, publishing, and business. And, reminded myself of a few things that I'd like to do to continue evolving and growing as a blogger.

Congratulations once again to the great EDB2012 committee for a successful event. And, a big thanks to the sponsors and local South Australian businesses who took part.

Thank you to co-chairs Amanda and Christina, for inviting me as a speaker and delegate. I had an amazing time.

The Eat, Drink, Blog 2012 Experience + Notes on Building Blog Communities

The 3rd Australian Food Bloggers Conference was held in Adelaide, South Australia on 3-4 November. There were about 80 bloggers from all over the country who attended this amazing event. This is a simple capture of how I experienced the event.

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Watch: Great video snapshot of the EDB2012 Experience by Simon Leong.

Eat Drink Blog 3: Australian Food Bloggers Conferencesimonleongdesign

Blogging EDB2012

Eat, Drink and Blog 2012: Food Bloggers FunSo, I've been a bit quiet here over the last few days. I've just been busy with a few things including: wrapping up my postgrad degree (Y...
great post! enjoyed reading about your expeience RT โ€œ@shaicoggins Eat, Drink and Blog 2012: Food Bloggers Fun: http://www.shaicoggins.com/eat-drink-and-blog-2012-food-bloggers-fun/ #edb2012ibyangbabe
@shaicoggins wish I was there! ##EDB2012Darren Rowse
My #edb2012 name tag. I <3 the Twitter handle in the ID. :)Shai Coggins

Wonderful New Friends

@shaicoggins it was lovely to meet and chat with you at #EDB2012 - really made me thinking about my blog and where I can/want to take itfoodie cravings
@shaicoggins it was exciting to find someone I could completely relate to & learn from ๐Ÿ™‚ that alone has made #edb2012 a success for me!foodie cravings
@shaicoggins it was so nice to meet you on the weekend, and loved hearing about your community and how you got started!The Little Cookbook
@shaicoggins @eatdrinkblogau great to meet you too!Michelle aka Ms Chef
#edb2012 was fabulous, thanks for a great weekend all! (@jenius @CulinaryLibry @MissPiggyEats @AFreshLegacy @shaicoggins @Wholesome_Cook)South Australia

My panel session: Building Blog Communities (with the lovely @frombecca)

@frombecca & @shaicoggins inspire bloggers about the importance of 'building a community' @eatdrinkblogau #EDB2012 http://pic.twitter.com/NKkJqYONSimonLeong
@shaicoggins I think we agree on that. Lovely being on the bloggers #EDB2012 panel with you today Shai.Rebecca Varidel
@CulinaryLibry enjoy @shaicoggins' preso today, she's super rad #edb2012Ash Baghurst
@TripleB @shaicoggins just listening to shai as we speak!! (tweet?)The Culinary Library
@shaicoggins : Think about who you're talking to and how you can help them, not just what you want to say about yourself. #edb2012MartynaWholesomeCook
"Things can get very competitive online, but there's greater power in connecting". @shaicoggins. So true. Take it easy&make friends, peepsWinston Chua
Create a community, connect together and this creates a powerful force - @shaicoggins at #edb2012the gook
Talking community with @shaicoggins and @insidecuisine frombecca #edb2012 @ Adelaide Central Market http://instagr.am/p/RlgHN3RCy5/Nic
Blogging Memory Lane
Listening to @shaicoggins bring us back through the years where blogging communities didn't exist. #edb2012Eat. Drink. Blog.
.@shaicoggins started blogging to the tunes of the dial up router. #edb2012Eat. Drink. Blog.
True soldier: @shaicoggins (fr Manila) has been blogging for 13 years. Back then, it was #geocities & #penpals. #omgosh #edb2012fatboo
@fatbooo @shaicoggins shai is amazing! I started in groceries too, tho 2-3 years after shai.Celeste
@berrytravels Groceries? @fatbooo @shaicogginsMelissa Loh
@berrytravels @shaicoggins lol yes I laughed at groceries. #autocorrectragefatboo
@fatbooo @shaicoggins Groceries? I mean geocities lol. Damn autocorrect.Celeste
RT @eatdrinkblogau: Panel 1: building a community w/ @frombecca @tammois @shaicoggins #edb2012 http://instagr.am/p/RlgD-GB-rw/ <-Tnx! Had so much fun!Shai Coggins
.@shaicoggins be aware of your own comfort levels, find out what works best for you and your usage of social media. #edb2012Eat. Drink. Blog.
Connecting Blogging Communities
'we can accomplish a lot more if we connect - rather than compete - with each other' - @shaicoggins #edb2012 #bloggingJJ
@shaicoggins your collaborative philosophy is amazing, seeing bloggers as colleagues rather than competitors #Edb2012Thang Ngo
@ThangNgo @shaicoggins thus is the nature of the social world. Together we are stronger ;)FoodMeUpScotty
RT @84thand3rd: 'we can accomplish a lot more if we connect - rather than compete - with each other' - @shaicoggins #edb2012 #bloggingLeah Klugt
@84thand3rd @shaicoggins - totally :)The Littlest Anchovy
@84thand3rd @shaicoggins I agree! Share, learn and improve.Ling Pang
@84thand3rd @shaicoggins Now i could not agree more:)Homemaker Reporter
@shaicoggins well said. Couldn't agree more. @84thand3rd @homemakerreport @sixinchheelChompchomp
Panel 1: building a community with frombecca @tammois @shaicoggins #edb2012 http://instagr.am/p/RlgD-GB-rw/Eat. Drink. Blog.
Comments on Comments
@shaicoggins "Make your community shine, especially for your regular commenters. They are champions of your blog" #edb2012A Fresh Legacy
.@shaicoggins believes in thanking commenters for taking the time to leave comments on her blog. #edb2012Eat. Drink. Blog.
RT @fatbooo: @shaicoggins says comments are old-school now. These days, the conversations occur over twitter or facebook. #edb2012Daisy
.@shaicoggins top commenters get featured on the sidear of the blog. #edb2012Eat. Drink. Blog.
@fatbooo @shaicoggins I am definitely finding that to be the case...Corridor Kitchen
So true! RT @fatbooo: @shaicoggins says comments are old-school now. These days, the conversations occur over twitter or facebook. #edb2012Jennifer Lam
Aussie blogging royalty Shai Coggins talking about online communities with Rebecca Varidel #edb2012Ed Charles
@eatdrinkblogau @shaicoggins a very insightful sessionthe gook
@shaicoggins @insidecuisine So good ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks ladiesNic

Adelaide Central Market Mini Tour

Having some Bling to start off our day of food and drink blogging at #EDB2012 #AdelaideShai Coggins

Wine Blending at D'Arenberg, McLaren Vale 

Our group from @darenbergwine http://instagr.am/p/RjTaqUERVr/ for #edb2012Shai Coggins
Enjoying wine tasting and blending lesson with @adobodownunder at @darenbergwine .Shai Coggins
Wine blending at #edb2012Shai Coggins
Perfect 6: a uniquely blended wine by yours truly and @adobodownunder . Great experience at @darenbergwine #edb2012Shai Coggins
@shaicoggins @TourismSA @TashStoodley glad you had fun, we enjoyed having you all ๐Ÿ™‚ #edb2012d'Arenberg

Food, Food, and More Food... (of course!)

Sample noms at #edb2012 .Shai Coggins
Lovely paella for lunch at #edb2012 Great stuff from @mycentralmarket food stall owners. Thanks! :)Shai Coggins
Afternoon tea at #edb2012.Shai Coggins
Delegates please note - all leftovers deemed safe from #edb2012 dinner on Sat were vac-packed & passed to a local charity. #foodsecurityEat. Drink. Blog.

Some of the wonderful sessions from EDB2012

The morning of Day 2 of #EDB2012 has been full on. Great keynote by @diannejacobs on food writing.Shai Coggins
Food styling workshop with Fiona Roberts at #edb2012 .Shai Coggins
After a whirlwind lunch, we are now back with our
first afternoon seminar about SEO with Geoff Kwitco #edb2012Eat.drink.blog
'gushing over a plate of food is fine but there's a whole back story to that food' - @SimonBryantChef #edb2012JJ

Goodie Bags, thanks to sponsors and organisers

Goodie bag from #edb2012 + speakers gift basket. Thanks so much, @eatdrinkblogau @mycentralmarketShai Coggins
Goodies for all #edb2012 participants... Looking forward to trying them out. :)Shai Coggins
SA Food on Display: Goodies for #edb2012 presenters.Shai Coggins

EDB2012 Hangover + Detox

Who else is going through a massive #EDB2012 withdrawal/hangover? What a fab weekend. Still chatting about it to anyone who'd listen. :)Shai Coggins
@shaicoggins severe #edb2012 withdrawl! I'm wondering why there's no chocolate fountain in my life today...Ashley Ng
@imsohungree ha me too! It doesn't feel right @shaicogginsChompchomp
@imsohungree @shaicoggins I was wondering the same thing :)Megan Young
@shaicoggins massive @eatdrinkblogau hangover! Missing the chocolate fountains tooJ Smith
@shaicoggins quinoa & egg dinner, banana breakfast smoothie ๐Ÿ˜‰ @Chompchompcomau @imsohungree @TheShadyBaker @VeggiesAndMe @eatdrinkblogauJJ
@84thand3rd @shaicoggins @chompchompcomau @theshadybaker @veggiesandme @eatdrinkblogau some gym time helps too! #edb2012curesAshley Ng
@84thand3rd @shaicoggins @Chompchompcomau @imsohungree @TheShadyBaker @VeggiesAndMe That sounds far too sensible, JJ. :)Eat. Drink. Blog.
@shaicoggins @Chompchompcomau @imsohungree @TheShadyBaker @VeggiesAndMe Don't ask me, I'm still eating leftover cupcakes! ๐Ÿ˜› (Erin)Eat. Drink. Blog.
@eatdrinkblogau @shaicoggins @chompchompcomau @imsohungree @theshadybaker OMG! Those cakes were stunning!Megan Young
@eatdrinkblogau @shaicoggins @chompchompcomau @imsohungree @theshadybaker @veggiesandme Im happy to eat ALL the cupcakes :)Daisy
@DaisyNTSFM @eatdrinkblogau @shaicoggins @chompchompcomau @theshadybaker @veggiesandme I wanted to bring home! Made me sad to leave them!Ashley Ng
@imsohungree @DaisyNTSFM @shaicoggins @Chompchompcomau @TheShadyBaker @VeggiesAndMe They went to a good home (my belly) ;)Eat. Drink. Blog.
@eatdrinkblogau you'd be appalled by th 5k run then ๐Ÿ˜‰ #edb2012detox @shaicoggins @Chompchompcomau @imsohungree @TheShadyBaker @VeggiesAndMeJJ

Bits and Pieces

RT @ThangNgo: @shaicoggins my blog changes with my life, new hair, new blog design lol #Edb2012 <- Haha. #Truth ;-)Shai Coggins
@sumaiku Yup! I've been following the nice updates of #EDB2012 - the Australian Food Blogger Conference in Adelaide. Thanks to @shaicoggins.Thesunsetgirl.com
Relax http://lockerz.com/s/258461068 with @fatbooo @shaicoggins @adobodownundera matter of taste

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