Gift Guide for the Geeky Fashionista: 2012 Edition


I can’t remember the last time I shared a “gifts wish list” of some kind. You know, the kind that I send to the hubby as hints for potential presents for anniversaries, birthdays, Mothers’ Day or Christmas. Yes, that kind.

For the record, though, the hubby is actually not half bad when it comes to buying me gifts. Yes, even without this sort of wish lists, he can get it right a lot of the times. But, occasionally, I do give him a helping hand.

This year, my gifts wish list is apparently a bit staggering. Thank goodness I didn’t put the Nikon D600 there! In any case, if you’re looking for some gifting ideas – either for yourself or for a geeky fashionista that you love (and yes, for some of these gifts, you have to love them VERY much!)… Here are some of the material things that I’ve been lusting after this year:  


1. Nikon D7000 with 18-105mm kit lens

As I mentioned recently, I really really want to get back in to DSLR photography. I’ve actually started taking more (and better) photos using my Canon Powershot SX40 HS. And, using those photos more. After some research, I decided that the camera I’d love to be able to replace my beloved Nikon D40x is the Nikon D7000. Preferably, with the 18-105mm kit lens.

2. Microsoft Surface

Yes, I just bought myself a brand new Windows 8 Sony VAIO Ultrabook. And, my 3rd gen iPad is barely a year old. But, I must admit, I’d still like to give the Surface a whirl. Due to all my recent tech purchases though, this might have to wait until the second generation Surface comes out. Especially when the usual applications I use would be available in the Windows Store.

3. Evernote Smart Notebook Moleskine

Ever since I’ve heard of this a few months ago, it has been on my wish list. As an Evernote (and now, also OneNote) user who also loves analogue note-taking, I thought this was pretty cool. I’d like to give it a go.

Australia/New Zealand readers: You can get this from Notemaker. US-based readers may get this in several retail shops, I believe.

4. Sensu Brush: Portable Artist Brush and Stylus for Touchscreen Devices

Writing of digital notes, I’ve been on the hunt for a great stylus over the last few years. My first one was the first generation Pogo Stylus (for iPad) and last year, I purchased the Bamboo Stylus by Wacom. While they both worked all right, there are a few things that I’m not too keen on about them. So, I’ve been looking for better. I came across the Sensu Brush recently and thought this might be “the one”.

It’s a bit pricey and I currently can’t find a decent place to buy this from in Australia. So, we’ll see how I can get one of these in to my hands.

US readers can purchase from the Sensu Brush website.

5. Dance Central 3

Even though I’m still not exercising as often as I should, I must say that I’ve managed to work out a lot more than I expected. And yes, that’s partly thanks to my Zumba Party for the Wii and Dance Central for Xbox Kinect. Since I’d like to upgrade things a bit, I’m hoping to get Dance Central 3 one of these days.

6. & 7. Glam Rock Chic Shoes

As many of you who know me knows, I’m all about the shoes. I don’t care much for handbags and jewellery. It’s gadgets and shoes (+ books and dresses) for me. And, a couple of pairs of shoes that I’ve been wanting to have for some time now are from Glam Rock Chic’s collection: Vamp and Heart & Soul Siren.

Although I must admit, a recent trip to the mall ended up in a new pair of gorgeous red shoes from another favourite shop (Wittner). So, I’m rethinking the Heart & Soul Siren pair now. I think I’d like to try different colours now.

8.-10. Dresses from Review

For the longest time, I’ve been eyeing the dresses at a shop here in Adelaide called Review. But, seeing as I tend not to buy dresses that cost more than AU $100 (unless they’re dresses for really special occasions)*, I’ve withheld from purchasing the beautiful clothes that I see on their shop windows in Rundle Mall. That’s why I’m hoping that someone else will break the dress budget for me. 😉

From Review’s current available collection, here are three that really caught my eye: Kiara, Daylight,  and Anya.

11. Kindle Fire

Again, another gadget that’s not quite available here in Australia just yet. But, I think if I were ever to get rid of my iPad, this is a device that I probably would like to have first, seeing as I use my tablet device a lot for reading.

12. An Amazon Gift Certificate

With all the Kindle books that I’ve been reading lately, I sure could use a gift certificate to offset my expenses. 🙂

What about you? What’s in your gifts wish list this year?

* Yes, I know I’m strange like that. I can buy expensive gadgets for the work that I do (and for a bit of play), but I’m not a big fan of splurging too much on fashion items. Every fashion item has a “ceiling price” for me, where I walk away when it costs more than what I’m prepared to spend. For dresses, my ceiling price for a nice but not everyday dress is $100. For most everyday dresses, no more than $75. Extra special dresses can go a bit more (but never past $250, I believe – except maybe my wedding dress, which still didn’t cost too much as I got both of my dresses custom-made in the Philippines). Yes, seeing as I shop a lot overseas (especially in Asia and South Africa), my price limit is realistic. I can still get really nice clothes without going past my budget.

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