Christmas Joys and Boxing Days

Happy Boxing Day!

Yes, we celebrate that here in Australia. And, I believe, Boxing Day is also celebrated in the UK and New Zealand.

“Why do we celebrate Boxing Day?” my five year old girl asked earlier today. “Is it for boxing?”

Good question. But, as far as I know, no one’s really sure where the term ‘boxing’ comes from, but Boxing Day is apparently a tradition where employers give presents to their staff or servants many years ago. Why it is continued to be acknowledged as Boxing Day is beyond me.

In any case, I like thinking of the day after Christmas as a time to enjoy the last few days of the year – and to play with any of the new toys that we get on Christmas Day. 🙂


Yesterday was a lovely Christmas day. The weather was wonderful. And, the kids enjoyed their new pressies. Yes, thoroughly spoilt again.

And, for the first time in my memory, the hubby cooked most of the Christmas lunch. A great spread of roast turkey, salads, roast potatoes, gravy, and steamed vegies.

All I had to look after during lunch was setting the table and making desserts (meringues with whipped cream and strawberries for lunch dessert + leche flan [Filipino crème caramel] for dinner dessert). Both desserts were well received, and since I’ve only improvised with my leche flan, I’m actually very surprised by how well it turned out. I promised to blog the recipe, so I can remember to replicate the experiment some time. I also prepared a quick dinner for some of us who didn’t stuff ourselves silly during lunch.

My Christmas 2012 haul. Well, some of them anyway. :) I must've been in the Nice list. ;) <3

And yes, it wasn’t just the kids who got spoilt either. Looks like I must’ve been on the ‘Nice List’ as I received some really cool Christmas presents as well. Including some faves from my 2012 Gift Wish List, like the ultimate one on my list: a new DSLR that I’ve been wishing for (as mentioned here).

Yep, I’m now the proud and pleased owner of a brand new Nikon D7000. I’m hoping to blog more about this after I’ve taken it out for a bit of a spin.

Other items that I received include:

  • From my mom: a cream-coloured cardigan and a pearl necklace
  • From my sis: a set of crafty stuff + a dress  + a cool set of decorative pots and a faux potted floral plant
  • From the kids: some sweet handmade cards and paintings
  • From parents-in-law (who mailed their presents from South Africa!): the new JK Rowling book
  • From G, a good family friend: A massive printout of a photo who took of me back in 2010 (from the “Wind Dancer” series) – in a custom-made frame
  • From the hubby/kids: the new DSLR + the Evernote Moleskin notebook

Colour me happy and blessed.

What about you? How was your Christmas? Any favourite presents?

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