Daily Practice: Words + Pictures

Daily Practice: Words + Pictures

In 2008, I attempted my very first 365. This was my first conscious attempt at working on a year-long daily practice. And, I never managed to finish. Each year since then, I kept trying my hand at doing 365 again, but to no avail.

I am nearly at a point where I should tell myself: "If you can't commit to a year-long daily practice, just forget it! Stop trying. It's just not your thing."

After all, it's easier to give up on something that we feel we're not that good at, right?

And, after 5 years of trying to complete a 365 project (ANY 365 project!) with no success, it seems like it's just not a good fit for me.

Yet, as I said I am here again, attempting another Project 365. With TWO twists (ah yes, you'd think I should just make this simple, right?).

Twist No. 1: The plan is to incorporate a 52 Weeks Project (on self portraiture) in my Photo-A-Day 365 project.

Twist No. 2: Since I've decided to use Words + Pictures as this year's 365 theme, I am doing two different types of 365s: A Hand Lettering Project and A Photo-A-Day Project.

And yes, I am incorporating these projects in one overall project I call The Focus Project.

Why Words + Pictures?

Words and Pictures are what define my creative practice. While I consider myself a person who loves words (writing) most, I know that there are days when I turn to pictures as my way to express myself and to tell a story. Or to record a moment.

And, since I have been meaning to work on my digital doodles and handwriting for some time now, I thought a hand lettering project would help me a lot. Even if I don't complete 365 of them, I figured that I will still improve my skill a lot more.

Same thing with the Photo-a-Day project. As I mentioned a few months back, I really want to get back to doing a bit more photography. So, I thought that since part of the reason I did start 365 back in 2008 was to improve my photography (after getting my first DSLR, the Nikon D40x), I thought it's only fitting to give this another go now that I have my new replacement DSLR, the Nikon D7000.

A Place for Daily Practice

In order to give me a bit more incentive to keep up with this project (or is that more headache?!), I thought I'd finally give my daily projects its own home within the ShaiCoggins.com domain. So, if you're keen to get more than just snippets of my 365 adventure this year, you can check out the Daily Notes from Shai Coggins blog.

Yes, this is the third twist in this 365 tale. I am attempting to blog my 365s daily as well.

Am I insane or what?!

If you're not keen to get anything daily, but you still would like to catch up on my 365, don't worry. I intend to write blog highlight posts that feature my 365s whenever possible.

I also post my Photo-A-Day Project on Flickr (see Project 365 - 2013).

I'm keeping my Hand Lettering Project on the Daily Notes blog.

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