Weekend Wonder: Exploration

Weekend Wonder: Exploration

Being a life explorer is something that I wish I can be more of.

But, I seem to have become more and more risk averse as I grow older. Slowly settling in to this strangely alluring thing called "the comfort zone".

I have begun to like it there, you see. It's easier. Less scary.

So, even if I know that the explorer in me will sooner or later knock me on the head, I make myself at home in my comfort zone.

Making New Friends. Exploring New Places.

Lately, though, I am finding more and more reasons to get out of that comfort zone to explore.

Of course, when we talk explorations, it's easy to get overwhelmed with the concept. Well, at least I do anyway. And, that's probably why I begin to avoid adventure.

That's one of the things that FOCUS is teaching me right now. To counter The Big Overwhelm. To look at one thing at a time, while exploring. To take notice of even the little things.

This month, it's all about Refresh. So, I started exploring ways to feel and to be more refreshed.

My birthday week really started me off well in this path. Re-exploring a part of my adopted home state that I haven't fully explored before.

Last week, it was about exploring my local area. The photo that you see of my girl and a new friend she made was taken at a nearby beach that I have never really visited before. Yes, even though we've lived in this part of Adelaide for almost 7 years, there are still many places that we haven't really explored.

And, I can't believe my family and I have missed these because we didn't explore enough:

Rocky Beaches in South Australia

Exploring Marino Rocks

Marino Rocks

Sea shells, sponges, weeds, and rocks on the beach.

This exploration became even more memorable and interesting because my daughter and I ended up making new artsy connections (another mum and daughter), who we ended up befriending through a 'chance meeting'. It was lovely!

And, just look at my new friend's art/site! Isn't she talented?

The next day, the family and I decided it was also time to do another exploration. We ended up having a picnic at a reserve that was a few minutes' drive from our house. But, we've never visited it before, even though it has been recommended to me a couple of times before. So, I knew it was there, we just never got around to visiting.

How very silly!

Day 103/365 (2013) [15/52]: Family Exploration Weekend

Thankfully, we finally found our way there and we all enjoyed our discoveries. In fact, I was in such a good mood, I even went on a bicycle for the first time in years.

My kids have never seen me on a bike, so that was quite something! Granted, I only borrowed nine-year-old boy's bike for a few minutes. But still. I think my li'l ones were quite impressed (shocked?!) to see that I can actually do it. Heh.

But yes, it's hard not to be excited and inspired by tiny beautiful things like these:

Duck Pond Reverie at Oaklands Estate Reserve

Red Archway

Autumn Leaves

Flowers and Leaves

In any case, these little explorations gave me and the hubby a stronger resolve to get out of our comfort zones more often. And, yes, we don't need major changes - like a massive uprooting to a different state or country - to feel more refreshed and excited.

What about you? Where (or what) have you explored recently?

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