Life at the New House

Life at the New House

It has been a week from today since we moved to our new home.

Yes, I know. More house talk on this blog. I've been thinking about blogging other things here. Honest. With so many other things going on in my life right now, I'm pretty sure I have other blogging material here.

Except the jumble in my brain is refusing to get untangled enough for me to blog anything else other than the house. Well, at least right now.

Hopefully, after marking this one-week anniversary here in a blog post, I am hoping that my blogging psyche will start allowing me to blog other things. And maybe just revisit this new house thing and moving every now and then.

In any case, I know it has only been a week since we moved, yet the Red House seems to be just a memory now.

We're still getting used to this new house (still unnamed) - its quirks, its challenges, its joys - But, so far, we're loving it. Exhausted, but mostly happy.

Even things that I didn't think I'd like, I'm now beginning to enjoy. For example, when I found out that the kitchen doesn't have a gas stove top, I wasn't too happy. I prefer gas cooktops, you see.

And, I was horrified when we first moved in and realised I couldn't cook anything because all our pots and pans do not work with this cook top.

Why not? Well, apparently, induction stove tops only take certain types of pots and pans. And, we don't own any of those. So, we ended up splurging on buying some nice new ones, just so we can cook again (by around Day 3!).

What kind of cooktop do you have: gas, ceramic, electric, or induction? One interesting challenge of being in a new house: working out the appliances that come with it. Never owned or used an induction cooktop before - and we found out that none of our po

Having never owned or used an induction cooker before, I was mystified by the whole thing. But now, admittedly, it's turning out to be quite good. A lot more responsive than other types of electric cookers I've ever used/owned (tried both ceramic and electric hot plates before).

In fact, if you never use the actual flames of gas cooktops, I think it might even be better than gas in some ways. Especially in terms of maintenance. Much easier to clean.

But, I digress.

Back to the point: Yes, there are definitely a few parts of this house that we've been trying to learn, apart from the cooker.

And, of course, the stuff that I was looking forward to, I am now really loving. Like having a bigger space. Including lots of extra storage like this walk-in library/storage area I have, which is right next to my home office/studio:

So excited about this "room" in the new house. My very own walk-in library/storage space!  :-)

Can't tell you just how much this makes me happy. A bit odd to be this excited about this, maybe. But, yes, I am. Very excited.

Anyway, we still have loads of unpacking to do. As you can see in this first snapshot of my home office:

First order of the day: Setting up the home office in the new house. Yep, that's the view out of the office space. Anyone want to come help unpack? ;)

But, thankfully, my "golden rules for moving and unpacking" are paying off. All the rooms in our house are now at least operational.

But, it will probably be still a while yet before I can give you a proper "virtual tour" because the place is still in a mess. And, while we can use all the rooms now, there are still boxes everywhere.

For now, I just want to celebrate being in this house by blogging about it.

Next time, I am imploring my blogging muses/zuses to let me blog about a non-house related post.

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