31 Days of New: October 2013

31 Days of New in October 2013: #31Newness

Whenever I encounter a challenge - in real life or online - I either just go for it, or I wait around for so long, wondering what to do. Yes, that overthinking that I am prone to.

Last month, when I re-encountered Ali's Week In The Life project, I just went for it. And, absolutely LOVED it. I definitely think that it's one of the best things that I've done for this blog in a long time. And, judging by friends' and contacts' feedback, it was the right thing to do.

Today, I came across  The Nester's very popular 31 Days project. I noticed it via the "trending" topics list on Twitter. Not sure how long it has been going on, but apparently, there were over a thousand participants last year. I was amazed.

The fact that something's very popular doesn't always attract me, to be honest. But, the more I read about this project, the more tempted I became to join in.

And, when I tested the waters by posting on my  Twitter and Facebook profiles, I became even more interested.

First of all, I ended up e-meeting two new interesting #31Days participants already: Becky and NJ - both of whom are doing the challenge with very brave topics as marriage (for Becky) and - well, ahem - "Big Girl Panties" (for NJ).

And yes, I was loving the support and ideas I was getting from folks through this Facebook post. Some of those ideas, I'm hoping to incorporate in this series.

But, I must admit: This is one of those challenges that I had to re-think a few times today before I finally decided to do it. In fact, not only did I try to "test the waters" by posting on my social media channels, I even did some brainstorming about topics I'll be blogging about for this project. I thought, if I couldn't come up with at least 31 ideas in one go, then I'm not doing it.

I mean, as you know, ShaiCoggins.com is really a non-niche blog for the most part. So, writing every day about one common theme seemed a bit daunting. In fact, that's one of the reasons I wasn't sure it was a good idea to do this. But then, I remembered my Word of The Year (Focus). And, I knew I've been wanting to test out a few ideas here on this blog.

So, with some encouragement and 31 possible topics to blog about using one theme, I decided to go for it. And, it's going to be all about celebrating different interests. And curiosity. And community.

So, what's #31Newness all about?

As I mentioned, my "31 Days of New" project is going to be all about celebrating the newness of things. New ideas. New experiences. New people. New places. New challenges.

This theme gives me enough room to explore using my curious nature, but still working on one theme.

And, hopefully, the posts I share will also inspire some of you to try the ideas and concepts behind each new experiment. In fact, I'm hoping that this project will be more interactive than some of my other blog projects.

I'll be sharing some questions and challenges on my social media accounts, with the hope that I can gain your insights on what would be good "New Thing".

If you ever want to join in (or just follow my very first 31 Days project), I'll be tagging related posts with #31Newness on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Please connect with me there too, if you haven't done so yet. I'm a bit nervous about this project, as I don't know if I will get to #31Newness No.31 unscathed. But, I'm hoping that at the very least, I'll end up with a few new things to remember and to blog about. I hope you'll join me!

31 Bloggy Goodness on #31Newness

#31Newness No.1: Discover Somewhere New

#31Newness No.1: Discover Somewhere New

Try A New Flu Remedy: #31Newness No.2

#31Newness No.2: Try A New Flu Remedy

#31Newness No.3: Do Something New at Work

#31Newness No.3: Do Something New at Work

#31Newness No.4: Make A New Game

#31Newness No.4: Make A New Game

Shiny New Things

31Newness No.6 : Enjoy Shiny New Things

#31Newness No. 7: Wear A New Dress

#31Newness No. 7: Wear A New Dress


#31Newness No. 8: Celebrate A New Union

#31Newness No. 9: Watch 100 New Movies

#31Newness No. 9: Watch 100 New Movies

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