Try A New Flu Remedy: #31Newness No.2

Ginger Tea with Lemon and Honey

Over the weekend, my son was suffering from a terrible case of the flu. But, he did well to soldier on all through our mini-holiday at the Riverland.

Unfortunately, I ended up catching his flu by the time we got back home on Monday. Started with a sore throat, then a blocked nose, coughing, chills, fever... Yes, the works.

In the spirit of #31Newness, I thought I'd be open to possible new remedies to help me through this. So, I posted a call out on Facebook and Twitter.

So, I thought I'd share some of the flu remedy suggestions here that I've never tried before:

1. Ginger Tea - I know this is not an uncommon suggestion. I've heard it a few times before. But, I must admit: I've never given it a go. Silly me, really. Considering how easy it is to make one. And, I generally don't mind ginger anyway. In fact, I like dishes that have ginger in them like my beloved Chicken Tinola. But, for some reason, I've been a bit hesitant to give ginger tea a try.

2. Honey and Lemon - Again, another common remedy. But, being a non-fan of honey (I know! I'm weird.) - I've always hesitated with this. Of course, I've tried honey lemon lolly soothers before and they're fine. But, the idea of actually drinking honey with lemon just never appealed to me.

3. Olive Oil/Leaf Extract - This is new to me. But, at least two of my friends suggested it. Now, I'm curious what it really does. I'll be keeping my eye open for this.

4. Green Shake - Another new suggestion to me. Always thought of green shakes as a "power up" drink or something. But, I suppose, that makes sense. Never had one before though.

5. Sprigbox - This was suggested through the Twitter account of the company. But, I've never heard of it and I'm not even sure what it is. Or, if it can be accessed in Australia. I'm curious to know if anyone I know has ever tried it before.

6. Whiskey / Alcohol - According to my sister and another friend, this works. Never tried this as a remedy before. But, who knows. Maybe one day.

7. Hot and Sour Soup - With the kind of weather we're having here in Adelaide, the idea of a hot and sour soup sounds good to me. But, I'm not sure if I've ever used it as a flu remedy.

8. Vitamin C Powder in a Drink - This is something that I probably should keep handy in my pantry.

Other suggestions like Panadol and Lemsip are not new to me, so I won't be adding them to the list.

So, what new flu remedy did I try today?

Well, as you probably can tell from the photo, I ended up making myself ginger tea for the first time today. With lemon and honey.

My concoction included:

1 cup of water, about 1-inch long of ginger (chopped finely), 1 tsp of honey, 1 slice of lemon

I boiled the water, then added the ginger. Left it boiling for another 5 minutes or so. Then, I strained the ginger out. Added the honey and squeezed the lemon.

I ended up with about half a cup of tea by the end. So, next time, I might try to double the portions I used.

And, I must say: I was pleasantly surprised.  I didn't love it. But, I didn't hate it either (like I thought I might). And, even though I did take a couple of panadol tablets with this tea, I think the ginger tea did help make me feel a bit better.

So, this new flu remedy thing might just be a mainstay now.

20131001-162842.jpgThis is my second entry to the #31Days of New blogging project, where I’m exploring the concept of #31Newness. Thanks to everyone who contributed - Natascha, Kay, Melissa, Karen, Olivia, Stephen, my sister Sasha, and Tim. If you have other suggested flu remedies, I'd love to hear all about them too! Thank you also to all who sent in their get well wishes. Really appreciate it.

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