Experience A New Kind of Pampering: #31Newness No. 5

Experience A New Kind of Pampering

Some of you may already know that my absolute favourite kind of pampering is a full body massage. But, it's the sort of luxury that I can only allow myself to indulge in every now and then.

And, since I just had one about a month ago I know it's not time for another one just yet. Especially since I don't really have a good excuse, like terribly annoying back pains.

Yes, even with the type of day I woke up to today, I still couldn't justify it.

But, thanks to the said type of day, I certainly felt the need for some good pampering anyway.

And, since I have a friend's wedding to attend tomorrow (my first wedding party in Adelaide!), I had another excuse to go out to the shopping centre to get a bit of 'pamper therapy' - which included shopping for new shoes and a clutch (saving this for another blog post), a solo lunch (a very lame version of tempura), and yes, something I haven't done before.

That is, getting a professional manicure and pedicure here in Adelaide.

Does that sound weird?

The thing is, even though I've moved to Adelaide over 10 years ago, I've never been to a mani-pedi salon locally. In fact, I've never been to a mani-pedi salon outside of Manila at all.

You see, I'm not really a professional mani-pedi kind of girl. Even back in Manila, I very rarely got them. Maybe once every  few months. It's one of these things that I never got into. I just tend to do my own nails. And mostly, just for maintenance so that they don't look unforgivably horrid.

When I left Manila nearly 14 years ago, I didn't get professional mani-pedis in Singapore, where hubby and I lived for 3+ years. And, it's the same story when we moved to Adelaide.

I would usually just get professional mani-pedis whenever I go back to Manila every couple of years or so.

So, today, in the spirit of #31Newness, in preparation for a wedding, and to cheer me up, I finally decided to give Adelaide's local professional mani-pedis a go.

And, while sitting on a massage chair/foot spa contraption, and enjoying the whole thing, I asked myself: Why - oh why - did I deprive myself of this wonderful kind of pampering?


Bath salts in beautifully warm bubbly water, foot scrub, cleansing, and brief reflexology, all while getting my back kneaded by a machine. Sigh. It was definitely a mani-pedi experience like I've never had before. All I needed was a cold glass of something and some lovely chocolates and I would have danced my way out of the salon, despite my earlier mood.

Anyway, I didn't take photos of the actual mani-pedi experience, but I did take piccies of the final result, as you can see here.

Another new thing I ended up doing was trying a shellac manicure. I first heard about this last year from my good friend Christine when I was admiring her shiny nails during our New Zealand trip.

Since then, I ended up buying a do-it-yourself shellac manicure kit off Scoopon. But, I kind of messed up my first attempt because I didn't know what I was doing, so I've never tried it again.

Today, I got to watch a pro do it and, while I am still a bit nervous about the chemicals and the UV rays, I must admit that I really like the result. Not sure how I'm going to get them off, since I have no plans on getting a shellac manicure every few weeks for $35 a pop at Citi Nails and Beauty. Though I'm hoping that I'll make it to local mani-pedi salons more often. All I know is that they're not that easy to get off. But, I'll figure it out somehow.

It's all part of this adventure in newness, right?

New pedi with new slippers

Side Story: Walked into the salon with a different pair of shoes. But, since they were closed-toes, my nail technician was worried I was going to mess my new pedicure. Since they were selling some open toe shoes there, I ended up buying these. I probably wouldn't have chosen them had I seen them in a shop under different circumstances. Especially since I'm not a big fan of animal prints in fashion. Now, these slippers are kind of growing on me. Well, I'm definitely embracing the new, aren't I?


31Days of NewThis is my fourth entry to the #31Days of New blogging project, where I’m exploring the concept of #31Newness. If you have any suggestions on future “new” topics that you’d like to read, please let me know. I’d love to find out what you think. 

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