Wear A New Dress: #31Newness No. 7

Wear A New Dress: #31Newness No. 7

After featuring my new mani-pedi and my new shoes and bag, it only seems to make sense to post what I wore for my friend's wedding. And, perhaps, to share how I pulled the whole look together.

When I first got invited to the wedding, I was actually considering buying a new dress because even though I have a couple of dresses in my wardrobe that I haven't worn yet, neither of them fit me properly. But, things got hectic with life and at work that I lost track and didn't get the chance to do any clothes shopping.

Thankfully, that same hectic time actually made me lose a bit if weight, so when I tried one on one of the dresses that I had in reserve, it actually fit.

That's why I decided not to spend any extra money for buying another new dress. And, since my friend said black is an acceptable colour to wear at her wedding, I decided just to wear the dress that my sister gave me last Christmas.

It's a sleeveless black mini bodycon dress that I ended up matching with a 3/4 length cream jacket with satin trims and metallic detailing.

When I first tried this dress on last December, I could barely zip it up. That's why I even told my sister just to return it or to give it to someone else. (Proof that I didn't even try to consider losing weight. Heh.) But, she ended up leaving it with me anyway. Only tried it on again a few weeks ago, just to check if I should just get rid of it. Surprised myself when it managed to fit .

The jacket was also a Christmas present that I never managed to use, as it seemed to dressy for casual wear. And, it's also too light for proper warmth. But, when I was putting this wedding party look together, the dress and the jacket seemed to go well.

Here's my pic, with the complete look:

New Dress + New Shoes

It's a rare portrait, taken by my hubby. Normally, I would have set things up for a proper selfie session, but I was too much in a rush and I knew I wouldn't have the time to capture the look later. So, I just asked the hubby to take a snapshot of me.

Since the kids were around while the hubby was taking photos of me, they've been itching to do a photobomb. I just ended up asking them to join me in this shot:
New Dress + New Shoes


Style Notes:

  • Dress: Vogue (Thailand)
  • Cropped light jacket: No label
  • Shoes: Betts
  • Bag: Betts
  • Gold hoop earrings: No idea. 🙂

20131001-162842.jpgThis is my seventh entry to the #31Days of New blogging project, where I’m exploring the concept of #31Newness. If you have any suggestions on future “new” topics that you’d like to read, please let me know. I’d love to find out what you think. 

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