Experiment With New Hair Colour

Experiment with new hair colour

When it comes to colouring hair, I must admit: I'm a bit of a wuss.

Or maybe I just loved my jet black hair so much, I was terrified that dying it would ruin my natural colour. I didn't care that black hair seems so blah. So common.

I was happy with my black hair. Partly because I loved how rich and shiny it was. And partly because I knew that with hair as black as mine, I will get gray hairs soon enough. THEN I'd probably be wanting to dye my hair.

Sure enough, when I was in my mid-30s, I started seeing those gray hairs. It was then that I decided that yes, I'm happy to start experimenting with hair colour. Finally.

But then, I discovered that jet black hair also meant that dying my hair wasn't going to be a simple task. Even when I go to a salon, they can only colour my hair as though there were just tinges of colour in there. Not a proper full colour change. Well, they can do a proper full colour change only if I allow my hair to get bleached first before dying. And, well, I'm not ready for hair bleaching just yet.

So, I have to be contented with just tinges of colour every time I decide to dye my hair. Usually, you can only really see the colours when the light falls on my hair.

And, when it comes to home colouring kits - it's almost impossible to see the difference in colour at all. And yes, I've tried different hues and brands. Not a lot yet, admittedly. But, over a dozen hair colouring attempts have proved to me that my hair just doesn't take colour that easily.

That's why when I saw Schwarzkopf's Brilliance Luminance hair colouring kit that said "Especially for dark hair", I got excited. It promised to lighten and colour dark hair in one easy step. I picked up the box that offered Ultra Violet hair.

Experiment With A New Hair Colour
Well, after following the instructions and giving it about 10 minutes extra setting time, on top of the recommended 30-40 minutes, I still ended up with black hair, with just tinges of violet. That is, if you see me under bright lights. Or under the sun.

Yes, even after a week later, my hair doesn't appear to have done anything drastic.

Looks like there still isn't any home hair colouring kits that would do the right job for me.

Maybe I should be happy that my black hair remains pretty much the beloved black I've always had. But, I must admit, I'm becoming more and more tempted to head to the salon one of these days to get a proper bleach-and-colour. Maybe even get highlights!

What about you? Do you keep your hair a natural colour - or do you colour it? Do you go to the salon to get your hair coloured or do you do it yourself? Any favourite tips, colours, and ideas?

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