Eat Somewhere New – Cafe Fellini: #31Newness No. 13

Eat Somewhere New - Adelaide

One of the down sides of working from home is the fact that I don't get to eat out as often as I used to when I worked in an office at the city.

Of course, my bank account and the hubby are grateful for this 'down side', but the foodie in me is a tad bit sad that I'm not discovering as many new places to eat out. That's why whenever I get the opportunity to dine at a new place, I get excited.

Last week, I had such an opportunity when I was hanging out with my ex-colleagues when we attended my friend's (and also a former colleague) wedding. Between the church ceremony and the wedding reception, some of us ended up going to Cafe Fellini in North Adelaide for a late lunch, since we had some time to kill. Besides, we were feeling too hungry to wait for a few hours before we eat a proper meal.

So, even though we knew we shouldn't fill ourselves up too much before the weddingg dinner, a couple of people from our group ordered salads, another one ordered cheese bread, someone else ordered a sandwich (I think), and there was also an order of french fries. I ended up having the spicy seafood risotto (pictured here):

Spicy seafood risotto for a late lunch, with former colleagues, while waiting for wedding reception.

The portions were generous, which was just as well because the place was a bit on the pricey side for a cafe meal (meals are around $20 and over).

I had a slice of the cheese bread (which looked more like a pizza) - and thought it was great.

I also really enjoyed my seafood risotto. It did have a bit of a kick from the spices and it had a good amount of seafood in it. Though, I must admit that I was a bit perplexed about where the mussels went, as the dish was served with three empty mussel shells and I believe I only found one mussel mixed in with the rice.

Apart from the lone mussel and the spice, the risotto also came with squid, prawns, and a quarter of a crab that was still in its shell. I did dig into the crab with the shell cracker. It was delicious.

I was hoping I'd have enough space for their delectable-looking dessert pizzas, but unfortunately, I was too full by the end of my meal. Perhaps, next time I visit, I'd just have a lighter meal so I can give them a go. Or maybe, one day, I'll go back just for the sweet stuff. You see, one of my friends tried the nutella hot chocolate and said it was yummy too. I also liked the look of their milkshakes.

Anyway, the overall experience for my first visit at Cafe Fellini was positive. And, I definitely wouldn't mind coming back one day. My companions and I were even grateful that they were happy to split our bill, so didn't have to worry about who's paying for what. That's always helpful.

In any case, I'm glad that I managed to eat at somewhere new again. Gotta love food adventures, right?

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