Taste Something New (Chocolate Edition): #31Newness No. 17

Taste Something New - Chocolate Edition

I've said it here many times before, and I'll probably continue saying it many times again: I love chocolates.

If that saying about the doctor recommending "an apple a day" actually said "a chocolate a day", I'd be one healthy woman. Instead, I'm a chocoholic. Yes, there are very few days when I don't get at least a tiny piece to eat in a day.

That's why I like finding different types of chocolates to eat that I'd like.

My two most recent attempts at tasting new chocolate include:

1. This lovely chocolate fondue from a cafe called Chocolate No. 5.

Amazing chocolate fondue to share.
This cafe probably deserves a review of its own one of these days, as it's one of my most favourite cafes here in South Australia. It's not one I get to visit a lot because it's quite a way away.

In a recent visit over the weekend, my family and our overseas visitors decided to try a few of the treats from this place, including this fondue. And, what a delight it was! Fresh local strawberries and marshmallows, dipped in delicious Belgian chocolate sauce. Yum. I'm still salivating at the thought.

I'm definitely hoping I'd get to come back for more one day. 🙂

2. Cadbury Caramello Nibbles

Whenever we go grocery shopping, one of our regular stops is the chocolate section. And yes, we often end up stocking up on plenty of Cadbury chocolate bars.

On a recent shopping trip, this packet of Cadbury Caramello Nibbles caught my attention. Never seen it before but I decided to give it a go anyway. I've always loved chocolate and caramel, so I thought, why not?

And yes, it was the right move.

Ended up having to fight with my hubby for most of the chocolate though, as he ended up loving it too. So, this would most likely make it into our shopping trolley on a regular basis. If we can find it.

What about you? What's the most recent new chocolate discovery you've had?

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