5 Thoughts About New: #31Newness No. 18

5 Thoughts About NewAfter 17 days of doing this 31 Days of 31Newness project, I started thinking about a few things. And, since this is meant to be a Friday post, I wanted to share some things I've been thinking about when it comes to the concept of "new" in Friday Five style. Even though I am posting this a day late. I hope you don't mind...

1. Take time to appreciate the new things that we have in life.

One of the things that I've liked about doing this project is that it has given me the opportunity to enjoy the new things in my life.

You see, this year seems to have brought in a lot of new things one after another - new house, new car, new furniture, new obsessions, new Masters' degree - it was becoming easy to forget the idea of simply enjoying them.

That's why I'm grateful that over the last couple of weeks, I'm able to take some time to enjoy "newness". And, this thought brings me to...

2. There are a lot of new things in life to appreciate.

It's easy to be bored when we're too wrapped up in our day-to-day lives. When we think that life is just same ol', same ol'. But, when we take the time to see the different new things in our life, we begin to see that there are lot more newness in our life than we think. We just need to notice these new things sometimes.

3. It's great to find new things and to give ourselves new challenges regularly.

Trying new remedies. Visiting a new restaurant. Going someplace new.

There are so many things in the world to see, feel, and experience. But often, it's easier to stick to what we know.

My husband and I tend to become creatures of habit. When we find a restaurant we like, with dishes we enjoy, we often tend to go back again and again. Sometimes, we even order the same dishes and even sit at the same table. We laugh about it, but we've also acknowledged that idea. So, with that knowledge, we sometimes challenge ourselves into doing something new. For example, when we visit the same restaurant a few times, we tell ourselves to order 1 or 2 "anchor dish/es" (our favourites), but always make sure to order one new thing off the menu.

We're trying to apply that same concept into other things like choosing places to go to for holidays or when buying stuff from the supermarket.

4. Old things can be new again.

When we think of new, they don't always have to be new. Sometimes, we can see old things in a new way. Or, we can make something new out of the old stuff. We don't need to throw things out to make way for something new all the time.

5. It's okay not to want new things.

Newness can be quite exhausting, I find. That's why in some ways, I'm beginning to get burnt out with this topic. I don't want to think of new things all the time. I don't want to challenge myself to do something new.

There are days when I just want to be or to do 'same ol' same ol''. When I want the comfort of sameness and rhythm and habit.

And yes, that's okay.

New is great, but learning to enjoy what we already have can be quite wonderful too.

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