Dealing With New Pain: #31Newness No. 19

Morphine injection for back and chest pains

In case you were wondering, I haven't quite given up on my #31days of #31newness blogging project just yet.

Unfortunately, I am now about 4-5 days delayed, so I'm not sure how I'm ever going to catch-up.

Although I did deliberately take a day's break some time ago, I didn't quite expect to take an extended break over the last few days.

You see, on Monday morning, I woke up with an awful back pain. It felt like something was twisting inside my skin. A muscle, a bone, a ligament... I wasn't quite sure. All I know was that it took a lot of effort to get up from bed. And, every time I moved, I could feel my chest tightening. As if someone was squeezing my lungs and I found it hard to breathe or to swallow. It was awful.

I was beginning to panic when the pain just wouldn't die down and every step felt like torture. It was dreadful to see my kids worry so much as they watched me in pain and in tears.

I thought the back and chest pains would eventually die down during the day. But, unfortunately, it only got worse. I had to stay in bed and try not to move, just so I don't end up in agony.

When the husband got back home with the kids, he organised for a locum to come and see me that evening. And, just before midnight, the locum administered a small dose of morphine mixed with something else by injection, to help to alleviate the pain.

He also prescribed some pain medication to help me to become mobile enough to see another doctor and to get some tests/x-ray done.

Thankfully, yesterday, I had a small window of time of being "awake" enough to do some work and to catch up on messages - in-between searing back + chest pains and the drowsiness of the pain meds. But, I just couldn't quite blog yet.

Today, that window of being "awake" seems to have grown a bit bigger. So, on top of work and message catch-ups, I'm here blogging. And later, the hubby will be taking me to see the doctor. I'm hoping that we'll get some answers and that I will know what's the best way to deal with these back and chest pains.

In any case, I just wanted to say thanks for your patience and your well wishes. Hope to be able to check-in and to blog again here soon.

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