New Reminder: #31Newness No. 24


I seem to be having a bad health run lately.

My tech woes are getting too much for me to handle on my own.

I'm not getting any artwork done lately. Unless you count food art through bento-making.

These are some of the "inside head conversations" I've been having with myself lately. And yes, I do have a lot of these conversations. I just don't always write them out for everyone to read.

Today, however, I became quite plagued by these thoughts. And, when I looked at my magnetic memo board in front of me as I was working at my home office, I saw this piece I created earlier this year.

Some of you might remember my grand plan of doing 365 days' worth of hand lettering at the beginning of 2013. After doing around 100 or so of hand-lettering projects, I gave up. I've still done some hand lettering since then, but I lost track of where I was in the 365 plan.

Anyway, some of these hand-lettered projects I ended up falling in love with more than others. And, this is one that made it to my board, so I can look at it on a regular basis. I created it using watercolour, pens, and machine stitching.

And yes, while it isn't exactly "new", I find that what this reminder meant to me the day I wrote it is quite different from what it meant to me when I looked at again today. And, I guess that's the beauty of this reminder. It always feels new, no matter how long ago I've written it down.

"So, what are you going to do about it?"

Today, this message has given me the kick in the butt to finally call a tech company to send an IT guy to my home office to fix computer problems I've been having over the last week or so and the last couple of months + hopefully, fix one that I've had for at least the last year or two.

It also served as a catalyst for me to start seriously considering doing something about my fitness. I don't want to set anything too lofty or ambitious. I want to make it realistic enough for me to stick to it long-term.

And, while I have used that sign/message a couple of days ago to sign-up for a new online art class, I also used it today to do something about my new obsession with bento-making.

Yes, the message is something I've written a few months ago. But, somehow, today, it still felt like a good new reminder to do something about these "little things" that have been niggling at me. Let's see if it eventually does bring about some new things and habits in my life too.


Note: Yes, I know it's a bit of a "cheat" as it's not really that "new"... Just felt the need to write this down today.

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