Swim In The New Pool: #31Newness No. 29



In a couple of days' time, we'd have been living in our new house for four months.

And, while we've had some good weather, we haven't had one yet that warmed the pool enough for me to take a dip in. My kids, on the other hand, jumped in our pool on the first sunny day in the middle of winter. The water was still freezing but it didn't stop them from trying to enjoy the pool. Of course, I told them that I'd rather wait.

The kids have been in the pool at least half a dozen times since their first quick dip. But, every time they went in, the water was still too cold for me. Yes, I'm a temperature wimp. I get cold easily!

The last couple of days have been quite warm here on our side of the sky lately, though. Thankfully. I was beginning to wonder when it would ever feel like the end of Spring/the beginning of Summer. It felt like we've had the longest, wettest, craziest winter.

So, today, I decided that one way to help my aching, spasm-ridden muscles (which started acting up again yesterday!) was to go for a swim in our pool. Finally.

That's why for the first time in our new house, I donned my swimming costume and jumped in. My kids were delighted. They very rarely see me swimming. And yes, they've never had either the husband nor myself join them in our pool in our new house. So, it was quite an event for them. And for me too.

As some of you may have read, I've been thinking about exercise lately and I already told myself that I will make the most out of good weather and 'down times' to get some activity going to help me towards a healthier path. And, yes, I'm hoping that the pool will play a part in that path. After all, it's just in my backyard! No excuse, right?

Besides, I know from previous physiotherapist appointments that swimming/aqua aerobics are good exercises for people like me who have back and muscle issues.

And, on a warm day like today, accompanied by my two happy excited kids - what could be a better way to practice fitness, right?

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