New Things To Blog About: #31Newness No. 30


When I first started this 31 Days project, I was excited but unsure on how I was going to go. 31 Days of writing about the same ongoing theme just sounded too daunting for someone who prefers non-niche blogging, especially here on my personal blog.

But, I found a way around it and ended up with a theme that I could play with. I was pleased. And hardly missed a day.

However, just after the half-way mark, I must admit that my interest in the whole concept of "newness" started to wane.

You see, I was hoping to make it a lot more interactive. I wanted to ask readers and friends for "new challenges" - like, suggest new things to eat, new things to cook or to bake... Maybe suggest a new book to read. Or even try a new hobby or give a new idea a go. Support a new cause.

But, apart from a handful of posts inspired by some great online interactions like the new flu remedy post, I pretty much had to flail along my daily newness blog instalment.

So, now that I'm writing the penultimate blog post in this series, I'm somewhat relieved.

Yes, I had hopes that I'd be writing about all sorts of other new things. Instead, I ended up writing some things that I felt wouldn't have made it to this blog, had I not been writing about the topic of "31 Days of 31 Newness". I just didn't have the luxury of overthinking under such a blog project.

In fact, this project taught me again how to blog, just for the sake of blogging. Don't worry too much. Just write and put it out there. Some days, I'll come up with something brilliant that would resonate. Other days, I'll end up writing drivel that probably won't even be worthy enough for a space on a pretty paper journal.  And it's all okay.

I've started to expect too much from my blog posts, you see. Since I don't write often enough, I feel like every post should be as close to "great" as I possibly can. But, since I'm blogging a lot lately, a few not-so-stellar posts don't seem to induce the same panic I have when I haven't been blogging as much.

That's why in a way, I've learned to fall in love with blogging again. In a way that seemed new and familiar at the same time.

So, even though this project is now coming to a close, I know that my goal here at ShaiCoggins.com is not to return to my 1-2x/a week blogging schedule. But, hopefully, to maintain a 3-4x/week schedule. And, attempt to post more often than that if I can. Maybe to start blogging more about things that people ask me about on social media channels (and even in person), such as: How do I like my robot vacuum cleaner? and Would I recommend my Sony VAIO Laptop with Windows 8 computer? And yes, maybe share more of the recipes that people ask for when I post the food photos I take on Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, or Facebook.

Yes, in reality, I have enough blog ideas to last me a lifetime. I just need to learn to catch up with them and just blog away.

In any case, just for fun, I thought I'd share with you the list of "new" blog post ideas I wrote down at the beginning of 31 Days of 31 Newness. Some of them, you'd be familiar with as I did end up blogging about them. Some of them obviously just didn't get blogged about like I hoped. If there's anything on this list that you wish me to blog about in the future, please let me know and I'll do what I can to share. Otherwise, please feel free to use the ideas in your blog too:

  • Eat Something New
  • Discover Somewhere New
  • Cook Something New
  • Try a New Hobby
  • Watch a New Movie
  • Remake an Old Thing into a New Thing
  • Read Something New
  • Wear a New Dress
  • Create a New Experience
  • Be Part of Something New
  • Join a New Challenge
  • Watch a New TV series
  • Paint Something New
  • Invent a New Game
  • Try a New Idea
  • Meet Someone New
  • Listen to New Music
  • Write Something New
  • Bake Something New
  • Play Something New
  • Drink Something New
  • Give To Something or Someone New
  • Make a New Video
  • Grow Something New
  • Buy Something New
  • Sew Something New
  • Do One New Thing in Your Job or Home
  • Try a New Look
  • Eat Someplace New
  • Collect Something New
  • Learn Something New
  • X Ways to Look at One Thing in New Ways
  • 5 New Ways to Wear A X (Scarf?)
  • Create New Bento Designs
  • Try a New Flu Remedy

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